beginning with b


1. this blog
I stumbled across Messy Nessy Chic a week or so ago and maybe I am behind the times, but I love reading the posts on here! Full of curious things and at the moment I have a real urge to start LEARNING so these nuggets are really appealing.

2. this book.
The Shock of the Fall was the first book I downloaded on my tablet (not wanting to get into the whole eBook debate) and I devoured it. I’m not one for reviewing so I will just recommend.

3. this bag.

I love nearly everything about this bag except the price (£65) and the fact that it would completely colour clash (and not in a good way) with my coat.

4. this bun.
In my other life as waitress I have to wear my very long (I need a hair cut) very thick hair up. I am also pretty rubbish at hair styles but even I managed this one!

5. these boots.
I LOVE supermarket shopping. I know, I know it should be the domain of thrifty and stylish mums on a budget but honestly, I am poor rocking that whole struggling artist thing, and seen as how I don’t hang out with mums all that much I never have to worry of bumping into some one wearing the same thing as me!

Hope you liked this list! I’m working on a few posts about the more rambling things I worry about but giving myself a break from too much thinking after last week, so have been perusing pinterest and bloglovin probably a little too much this morning x


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