listening closely to the voice in my head…


Back in January I (along with every other blogger and diary keeper in the world) wrote about my New Years Resolution and how I was pretty smug about it and it’s seemingly foolproof ways.

It is now late February and I would say I’ve kept pretty religiously to the idea of being the person I want to be, but if I was to be critical, or rather evaluative, there is one area of my report card that would definitely be stamped “could try harder.”

I am an unhealthy person, sure I’m not ill or over weight and I am generally energetic, but left to my own devices I don’t jump to the right choices. Something I’ve always known about myself (let’s not talk about my primary school embarrassment record that was Sports Day) but not something I easily admit to.

In fact I wouldn’t be writing this, if I hadn’t read this post on A Rosie Outlook. Rosie’s recently had a revelation, a revelation that resonated greatly with me. “What would a healthy person do?”

I have been thinking a lot recently about what I eat and what I do to my body, but last week I fell off the band wagon, excusing myself because it was “show week” but that isn’t really an excuse.

It’s a habit after all a piece of fruit is as easy to buy as a cake, and yet the later always seems to sneak its way in first. It always has and always will if I don’t start changing my mind set or questioning myself.

Here’s the thing, I love healthy food I could look at and cook food porn like this, all day! I just have to take ten seconds more to think about something before I grab that block of cheese from the fridge.

Actually, I bet it doesn’t even take 10 seconds to ask “what would a healthy person do?”

Well I know a SUPER healthy person, Hannah, and she would make this guilt free peanut butter ice cream. When I think about it, I know I’m not denying myself anything by eating healthily, I just need to start making sure a treat really is a treat.

I’m not giving up cake, just saving it for special occasions… Like a Sunday x


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