no refunds…


Today I read this post On Changing Dreams by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess and once again got thinking about life in your early twenties.

I know you’re probably all bored to death of me yabbering on about this but I think it is important every now and then to gain a little perspective on where you are in life. And remember that a lot of the time, your not the first person to find yourself here.

I whinge, I moan and I go over and over the same conversations with friends, but in truth? Although my early twenties might not be what the packaging suggested (where is my glowing skin? Where is my hareem of men waiting to take me out? Where is my pay cheque?) I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Everyday I make mistakes. Forget train tickets, say something I shouldn’t have, eat one too many slices of cake.

I’ve chosen an unusual, difficult and probably unrealistic career path, but that is what a dream is isn’t it? It means I’ve worked in some weird, wonderful and stressful places and most Saturday nights I will be found in the pub… Working behind the bar.

The common theme in my family at the moment isn’t to ask when I am going to get a real job, but to support me for now and then say “in a few years” assuming… What? That I will grow up? Change my mind? Fail? Maybe, but I will worry about that later, maybe in my thirties.

For now I’m going to just make the most of it, I’m going to work hard and spend my money too quickly. I’m going to visit friends, feel envious and every now and again feel sorry for myself.

These are MY twenties, and maybe on closer inspection the packaging is a little tattier than on first glance, maybe on closer inspection I am a little tattier. But you get what you pay for, or to drop the now strained metaphor, you get what you give.

Just make sure your giving all you’ve got to what matters to you. And if today goes wrong,don’t start wishing for an exchange, just try again tomorrow.

Annoyingly perky, and unwarranted patronising pep talk over, I’m late for work, those tables won’t serve themselves you know x


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