paint the town red…


Yesterday this northern girl headed down south to London with a tube of red lipstick and very little else.

I had a very casual meeting at the Lov’edu Gallery in Camden as my excuse for visiting. I’m hoping to take Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles to the Camden Fringe and this adorable gallery, tucked away up a flight of stairs in the heart of Camden’s markets would be the perfect venue, so fingers crossed!

But casual meetings take up very little time, and probably on their own don’t justify the £80 train fare.


The truth is I was feeling a little flighty. I’ve popped back to Manchester a couple of times since moving home, and there was the week in Lancaster, but I know these places like the back of my hand.

I wanted to go somewhere I could feel a little lost.


Most people on a day trip to London will plan there day meticulously, minute by minute, tourist attraction by tourist attraction.

I did no such thing, and in my opinion that is the best way to experience London.

I spent a couple of hours wandering around Camden Market. I wanted to get the top of my ear pierced but I chickened out, I easily get intimidated by anywhere that looks a bit too cool! I have to admit, I wasn’t bowled over by any of the clothing stores in the actual market, but I did wander into Kick It vintage and was impressed by how cheap everything was!


I did manage to pick up some gorgeous ear rings and necklaces though, I assure you they are much less Pat Butchery than this photo suggests! This whole bunch only cost me £15!

After all this I popped back on the tube, I used to hate the tube, but I am beginning to get the hang of it! Any maps made of perfectly straight lines I can totally get on board with!

My next stop was possibly the least glamorous spot on the Bakerloo Line. Elephant and Castle. It is however home to the South Bank University and I wanted to pop in and pickup a prospectus (I am in the middle if working out a vague life plan…).



Of course you can’t have a trip to London without stopping for a macron somewhere! In truth I probably spent most of the day café hopping! But is there a better way to spend the day? Besides wandering around feeling lost is my own personal remedy to writers block so I had to stop somewhere and make sure I got everything jotted down!


I love Trafalgar Square, i’m not sure why but I always make time to pop in and wander round, otherwise it just doesn’t feel like a trip to London!


Then it was dinner time. I confess I have never sat in a restaurant entirely alone and eaten dinner before. It seemed daunting, but I wanted to make the whole day feel like an occasion, and a salad from Pret just didn’t fit the bill!

So instead I wandered down to Covent garden,resisted buying more gorgeous jewellery from the vintage and craft stores and took a table for one at Union Jack’s I’d have taken a photo but all technology had died on me by this point! So I sat and enjoyed my wine and listened to the buskers.

All in all it was a perfect if tiring day without purpose in London. Where do you love to run away to? Xxx


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