Happy Saturday everyone! Pinch, punch, first of the month!

How are you this morning? In a rare moment of having the house to myself I have spent the morning catching up with my favourite blogs and watching Netflix, at the moment I am racing through Life Unexpected!

Seems everyone is surprised by how fast Spring has come, and completely relieved that things are about to brighten up on the sunshine front! Another thing everyone is doing is writing out their new month goals, so jumping on the band wagon here are my March Goals.


1. Eat healthy – I have been pretty diligent with this in February, and I am almost completely addicted to Green Smoothies. I’m still trying to find the perfect taste balance though, I always seem to get too much of one flavour, but practice makes perfect and I’ve found these rules from a 100daysofrealfood super helpful.

2. Sort out my body clock – I’ve always been a night owl and a late riser, but I am so fed up of feeling like I am missing half the day! Of course waitressing doesn’t lend itself to early nights but a little more discipline to put my book down before 3am is definitely needed

3. Do the things I say I am going to do – I am nowhere near as organised as I would like to be, or should be for that matter, but this last month really taught me a lesson! So this month I am going to make a point of not spending hours looking at and thinking about my to-do lists and spend that time actually doing. Sounds simple enough, right?

4. Write something everyday – after my week in Lancaster last month I have been going into over drive on the creative front but this month I am going to set myself the challenge of actually writing something everyday, whether that is a blog post, a show edit, or starting on the new creative project I have up my sleeve!

5. Save money. There’s not much to say on this one, the magic money card is FINALLY paid off so my money now really is my money, no excuses this month.

What about you? What are your goals this month? X


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