5 (small) things… We forget bring the Zen

Happy Monday readers!

I know for most people Monday is a bit of a sore spot, but for me in my current state of waitress, Mondays are my day of Zen. It can feel like I am the only person in the world finding a spot of calm, and it is a great way to start your week.

Of course I am also poor, so there is no glamour to my Zen, no Monday morning blow dry or manicure, or spa day, but that doesn’t matter, so with that in mind here are 5 small things that we forget bring the Zen…


1. A room of one’s own…
Now that I am back home it is a very rare occasion that I get the whole house to myself, we all work odd hours between school, restaurants and being self employed there is nearly always some one coming or going. This is probably why when we do get to spend time as a family we probably get on weirdly well. That been said having a bit of alone space to just be is one of the most Zen things.


2. A tidy room of one’s own…
Carrying on the theme of having your own space, if somebody is occupying the rest of the house then having your own room to escape to is bliss. As a person I am a bundle of contradictions, like most are. I am not naturally tidy, my clothes are always hung up (aka on the floor) inside out, things seem to spill if I just look at them, and nothing is ever “where I left it.” That been said I love decorating, and am weirdly “room proud” but this goes out the window when I live with my parents. Today I’m gonna see if I can find the Zen in one of my still unpacked boxes. If you’re looking for a quick way to make, your perhaps temporary space, your own, be sure to check out these 30 DIY projects from A Beautiful Mess.


3. Finding the right soundtrack…
Uplifting, dance around in your pyjamas or dark and moody, listening to some one else singing your feelings, music is the soundtrack to life, it can make or break a scene. Now there are plenty of cool music apps out there to compile playlists on, but, and it is probably the least hip one going, I’m currently obsessed with Blinkbox, it creates your own “station” based on songs you’ve liked and you can listen to your playlists offline. And it is free. I love free…


4. Take me outside, in the green garden…
I am super lucky to live, if not exactly in the countryside, I’m close enough to pretend. And the weather today is gorgeous, right after posting this I’m heading to the farm shop. Hello Spring!


5. Take your time…
Ok so right after posting this, I am going for a walk, but I suppose I should probably get dressed first! And that will probably take an hour, after 5 days of black shirt, jeans and my hair tied up, I like to put a bit of effort in, even if it is just for the farm shop. On my days off I hate feeling like I’m not making the most of it, but making the most of it, doesn’t always mean rushing straight in. Take your sweet time, enjoy a late breakfast, do your hair, get overdressed, make another cup of tea, being busy doesn’t always mean being productive OR happy.

What’s your favourite small way of finding some Zen? X


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