Have a little faith…


I know, I know, I said I would be busy this week sorting out the rest of my life but some times something happens and, well, it’s just worth telling.

As I said on Monday I have been finding waitressing a little exhausting of late. Working in the service industry, it will come as no surprise, can test your faith in humanity. You are exposed to people from all walks of lives having all sorts of days and they come to you in all sorts of moods. Drunk, happy, crying, angry… I should know I made a whole show about it.

As a rule I like people.  Most days I’m optimistic, I’m trusting and most days I enjoy my job for the simple reason that it involves so many people. But Sunday, was not one of these days. Sunday was one of those days when you walk into the pub and can feel the tension, feel that something will happen. Food will run late and fuses will burn quickly.

A family walk in, they don’t wait to be seated, so they don’t have menus. Easily rectified. They don’t mention that they would like to see the veggie menu. They order. Snippish, but the mum leaves before her main comes out. I’m offered no explanation from the father.

The tension is palpable.

They finish the meals that are needed. They get up. The little girl is told to go outside, he is on the phone. They haven’t paid yet. I print the bill. He is on the phone. He nods, he is on the phone. He walks to the door. He hasn’t paid, but he is on the phone. Maybe he hasn’t got signal,maybe he is making sure his little girl has met the disappearing mother. But the tension, he hasn’t paid. He was on the phone.

I walk to the door too. I look up the street and there they are. RUNNING AWAY FROM THE BILL.

I have never known anything like it. It really was the cherry on the cake.

Great, just great. On Sunday I did not like people.

But Monday comes around soon enough, and people are plural and shouldn’t be judged by a single event. I like people. I walk to work, the sun is setting, it’s a main road but still pretty. I was right to have faith. 

I walk in to a story…

That lunch time, at 12 on the dot, as the doors open, there is the running man, embarrassed apologetic and ready to pay. He was drunk, it was a mistake, and he was there to say sorry.

It takes a pretty big person to retrace their speedily taken steps and settle the bill. If you’re reading this running man you’re forgiven.

Have a little faith, people are made up of a bundle of moments and decisions. People, after all, are plural, don’t judge them on a single action.

Has your faith ever been shaken and then restored? Leave your story in a comment! X


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