Irrational blogging fears and a thank you…


The Tea Hive in Charlton, where everything, and I mean, everything is delicious.

I guess in the blogging world I’m still a newby. Sure I have been blogging sporadically for over a year but it wasn’t until I wrote this post on having your quarter life crisis and switched from Blogger to WordPress a couple of months back that I really caught the blogging bug and decided what exactly this blog should be (I changed the name and everything).

But after that I was hooked. Sure there have been a few weeks here and there where life has got in the way, but I am pretty dedicated to this spot on the internet I call my own. But when you become dedicated to something, when you are committed to something, then of course you’re invested, and with investment comes a little bit of insecurity.

These are my irrational blogging fears…

I worry about the lay out of my blog, does it look good, is it easy to read, and yes does it look amateurish? Should I pay for the customisation and my own domain, do I need a new header? Should I have stuck with blogger? All things I ask myself about 5 minutes after clicking publish on a post or 2 seconds after looking at someone’s else’s beautiful blog (my green eyed monster just loves coming out to play when I look at The Private Life of a Girl)

Once I start worrying about that, it isn’t long till I get to thinking about my photos. I am in no way an avid photographer, I only have a tiny digital camera and most of the time I’m using my phone. And besides how many photos of tea can I get away with? I would LOVE to invest in a good camera, a photography course, a little editing, but can I justify it? Can I afford it? Aren’t words my forte? Aren’t they what really matter?


Do I write too much about being in my twenties? Should I write more about dating, theatre, fashion, food? Tea? Should there be more tea? Is that what people want to read? Do people want to read?

Is anybody reading? Hello? Anyone? Is it just me? Me all alone with my words and my tea and my slightly blurry photos?

Oh… Hang on…

A little alone time with my tea and my thoughts kind of sounds perfect?

In fact isn’t that why I started this blog? To get some of those thoughts that clog up my head all the time out into the big wide world?

blogging is my therapy (and it has been perfect for that, especially after the thing that happened) my little spot of Zen on the internet. I started blogging from an entirely selfish point of view, writing here and reading other people’s blogs is my unwind time. And that is what really matters, that is why my blogging fears are entirely irrational. Sometimes I forget that, sometimes I get too caught up in what other people, or other sites say I should be doing to remember why I am doing something.

Does anyone else get that?

Having said that, blogging is in its own right, is a community, and I just wanted to say thank you to two girls who I have recently met in this big old blogosphere, Lisa from The Most Happy Me and Amila from Many Little Obsessions, these past two weeks your comments, likes, and blogs have really inspired me and made me remember why I love blogging quite as much as I do!

So readers, bloggers, people that have clicked on this because I clogged up your Facebook feed, thanks for stopping by, I can’t promise you’ll find anything worth reading and you may leave with nothing more than a craving for a cup of tea, but I do hope at least something I say was worth your time, and if not, well, I will still be here, rambling on. It is if I disappear entirely,  you should start to worry, because that may mean I’m keeping the crazy all locked up.

Do you have any blogging fears? And why do you blog? Let me know!

Live life and drink tea x

Ps. If I freak out this much committing to a blog imagine how I would get with an actual boyfriend…


8 thoughts on “Irrational blogging fears and a thank you…

  1. Yes, people are reading and I like the tea picture. I identify with the asking questions into what seems to be the empty void of blog space, and so I wanted to answer. So there.

  2. Oooh, thank you, I enjoy reading your blog very much. And I definitely enjoy reading about your twenties, so please don’t even think you write too much about it!;)

  3. I love your blog and am so happy I found it. I find your honest commentary on twenty-something life extremely relatable and I’m glad we’re able to connect! That’s what the blogosphere is all about, after all

    • Yes it totally is! And I am so glad people relate to the twenty something thing! If I had to keep all this locked up I’d go crazy! Or worse, if I put it out there and it turned out it really was just me feeling this way x

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