In my hometown…


Hellooo, it is time to get down to business… It is time to talk tea…

If you read this blog while I was back in Manchester you may remember barely a week went by without me mentioning a new favourite spot to have tea in. Independent hipster coffee bars, or independent vintage (still hipster) tea rooms, you would have been forgiven for thinking I spent all my free time in cafés (because I did) but since moving back to York I haven’t done a single post dedicated entirely to tea. Why? Because in York, I have no idea where to go for tea that isn’t a Cosnerobucks! Which quite frankly is ridiculous! York is a tourist haven for crying out loud! Why should they be the only having their cake and eating it too! So I have set myself a new challenge, to drink tea in a new (to me) and independent café every time I go to town…



Now I’m not entirely blinkered by chain coffee I do have a vague awareness of where the good stuff is hiding, but yesterday was such a beautiful day I decided to do as the tourists do, and head straight for the minster. Don’t let the photos fool you, it was freezing, and by the Minster is officially the windiest spot in all of York, something you won’t find in any guide book. My wandering didn’t last long and I was already exhausted by attempting, and failing, to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. In the shadows of the Minster, just on College Street, lies The Vanilla Cafe..


Now I have to admit, this wasn’t the first place I stumbled on, just before you get to The Vanilla Café, there is a Cupcakery, and it was full to the brim! The Vanilla Café was empty, don’t ask me why, because it was GORGEOUS. I was welcomed warrmly and told there was more seating upstairs. Honestly I was in Tea and Kitsch heaven, and for most of the time I had the place entirely to myself… Which meant LOTS OF PHOTOS!


I couldn’t resist a mirror selfie…

And what makes it even more of a mystery to me as to why The Vanilla Café was so empty… They do cupcakes too! I went with a delicious Lemon one, although my terrible photo does not do it justice…


There were piles of Elle and Vogue magazines dotted about, tea sets for sale and a bathroom that had walked straight out of a Catch Kidston catalogue. I sat for a good hour completely undisturbed, and with no pressure to buy any more cupcakes (although it wouldn’t have taken much to persuade me!). I loved having the place to myself but I don’t think it’s charm would be hindered on a busy afternoon! And those beautiful seats definitely deserve to be sat on and luckily they have an overspill area outside too!

Have you ever done the touristy thing in your hometown? Live life & drink tea x

ps. You can Like The Vanilla Café on Facebook here!


8 thoughts on “In my hometown…

  1. I’m pretty sure you are in heaven. Definitely. New life plan: move to York. Or just leave America again. Have some tea. I probably shouldn’t leave just for tea though…hmm.

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