A little editing…


Just a quick post about photos and editing today!

I can not claim to be a pro photographer, I’m not even a snappy enthusiast, but all of my favourite blogs are filled with beautiful photos, and a picture really does say a thousand words! Recently I have been consciously making more of an effort to take photos, and I am toying with the idea of investing in a fancy camera, but I have to justify it and prove to myself that this isn’t just a passing whim.

At the moment I rely mainly on my phone to take photos and my table to edit them, so I thought I’d share my favourite apps with you, in case this is something you’ve been thinking of too!

First up my Tesco hudl (my tablet and second limb) already came with a great basic photo editing pack on it, which I am pretty sure is installed on most android phones and tablets. Nearly every photo I take requires a little playing around with, particularly for shadows and vibrancy, if you don’t edit your photos I would start with something like this!

Then there is the Beautiful Mess photo app. When they made this available for androids I was SO happy! It has great filters on it, and preset cropping sizes, plus cute fonts, doodles, phrases and frames. It is a little annoying that you have to pay for all the packages separately but totally worth it! Plus you can create your own images on it using their backgrounds and fonts! Like this one here…


Or this…


And lastly, if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that my photos on there have been anything but square lately! If you hate how instagram photos forever have to be cropped to size and shape then I suggest you download #square so you can upload any shaped photo you like! Regulation square photos just don’t have the same appeal they used to!


All app links are for androids but iPhone versions are available (sorry I just haven’t bitten the apple yet!)

Anyway, I hope this is interesting or useful in some way? What do you think? Do you have a favourite app I am missing out on? Live life & drink tea x

Ps. I’ve been thinking of blogging more about blogging lately, from the point of view of some one who is learning as they go, what do you think about the whole metablogging thing? Or should I just leave it to the pros?


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