breaking bad…habbits


Post run shake... Just blend peanut butter (the healthy kind) 2 bananas, flaxseed and coconut milk together and top with goji berries and cinnamon. YUM.

It is Saturday afternoon, it’s raining and I just got back from a run.

For those of you who know me, I’m just going to give you a couple of minutes to let that settle in, for those of you who don’t, I need you to understand…


Saturday afternoons are normally prime tea drinking (and picture taking) time. If I have just got back from work, or am just about to go to work, you’ll find me in between the scatter cushions or at the kettle, if I’m not at work you’ll you’ll probably find me with my face in a cake.

But this year I have consciously been trying to be the person I want to be, and well that person is healthy and fit and so I have had to make a few changes.


It isn’t long since I last blogged about this, and since then I have impressed and surprised myself.

In the past, whenever I have tried to loose weight or get healthy it has been in short spurts, and when I haven’t seen the results on the scales (because I wasn’t really trying) I have given up.

I don’t really know why I give up so easily on this, when in truth, I think of myself as being a pretty determined person, even if some of the time, I don’t put in the effort required.

In fact I hadn’t just given up, I had sort of accepted it, that I just wasn’t a healthy person. WELL NEWS FLASH, being healthy is a choice and anyone can live a healthy lifestyle!

This time I have gone about things a bit differently, I’ve started reading up a bit more, I downloaded Jolene Hart’s book, Eat Pretty which is super informative and a good place to start for people perplexed by healthy buzz ingredients that get thrown around like chai seeds (totally delicious just whack them in coconut milk and refrigerate for an hour, top with honey and blueberries and voilà a good for you pudding) and what have you. Oh and I followed Eat to Thrive on Instagram, it is like healthy food porn, although be prepared for some serious lifestyle jealousy. Oooo and I love how honest and realistic Rosie, from A Rosie Outlook, is with her Health and Fitness Updates.


This post was meant to be a little more philosophical than just a list of stuff I’ve done and read. What I wanted to say is that you can break your bad habits, and that sometimes the most surprised and impressed person of all will be you. I also wanted to talk about how breaking one bad habit can have a domino effect, but I think I will leave that for another time now!

Do you have any health goals or weaknesses? Or tips? I love tips! Live life & drink tea x

PS. Normal service will resume shortly with pictures of tea and cake instead of trainers and chai seeds.


6 thoughts on “breaking bad…habbits

  1. I can relate with the bad habits I need to change them I am slowly but it’s not easy when u get in to a routine running in the rain impressive lol x

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