morning monday…


Happy Monday folks? How are you? Excited by the fact that it is a brand new week? No? Feeling like ‘Oh God, it is Monday again?’

Yeah I get that, but stay with me, we can fight the Monday blues together!

As you all know, a little too well, I have been distracting myself lately and have been more than a little disillusioned with the dream. It would all get a bit much if I didn’t know that I was in good company with my quarter life crisis!

But in the spirit of starting the week as you mean to go on, and believing in the strength of a positive mental attitude this week I am point blank refusing to underestimate my own ability to change things.


But before I talk about Monday I need to tell you about Friday.

Last week I was in all honesty, a big ball of restless threads and I was threatening to unravel. Other than this blog, things just didn’t feel like they were right. It felt like I had been stuck for too long, I was getting rusty, I was on the precipice of sinking into full-time-waitress-quick-sand. Of course, if I wanted to be a waitress that would be fine (and as much as I moan about it, if the theatre thing doesn’t work out, I do kinda love hospitality) but the point is I don’t want to be a waitress. And on Friday with a whole day at work stretching in front of me, this feeling was overwhelming. So overwhelming that when I realised I had got my hours mixed up and had arrived half an hour early it was just a bit too much, and the tears came.

But it was good, I needed it. There is nothing I hate more than crying in front of some one, especially when it becomes very apparent that actually the tears, and me, were being more than just a little bit silly.

So I shook myself off,got my thinking cap on, and didn’t take it off. Throughout my morning shift I was quickly jotting things down on a piece of paper behind the bar. Things that I needed to change, people I should email, leads I should follow. I reorganised my life, and by the time break came I was ready to go, sending off email after email, and chasing opportunities. And even though I still felt a little frustrated by the whole waiting game it was nothing a pot of tea and a toasted tea cake couldn’t sooth.

This week I am holding on to that. Holding on to the fact that you can turn things around, that all it takes is a little effort and that if that effort feels like a little too much right now, then have a cry, a tea and a munch and give yourself a time out, because chances are subconsciously, that beautiful brain of yours is working on a plan!

How is that Monday looking now? Live life & drink tea x

PS. I realise sometimes these Monday morning posts are a little repetitive, but things don’t always change over night. If this was a novel I’d probably condense these posts into a single chapter, make it sound as if one Monday I woke up, and made that change, and by Friday I’d get my dream. But this isn’t a novel, this is life, and sometimes you have to drag out the change, feel it click into space slowly, one Monday after another. I guess when you’re chasing your dream it isn’t a quick sprint, it’s a marathon. I’m just here holding up a sign that says “keep going… YOU CAN DO IT”

5 thoughts on “morning monday…

  1. As always, a wonderful post. I worked Friday and two double shifts this weekend, and got really frustrated with life. Like you, I took the opportunity to make a list of things I can do, little things to start changing my life for the better! You’re in good company πŸ™‚ keep it up.

    • You wouldn’t believe the morning I have had Lisa! My faith in the universe is seriously restored! In fact I have another post lined up aboyr givibg the universe your best and it paying you back! Here is too a productive week to super waitressess everywhere! Xx

  2. Nice work with that sheet of paper and the list of the things you need to change and do. Usually, that’s how life starts changing to the direction you want. πŸ™‚

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