the misunderstood goddess…


This photo has very little to do with the following post, I found this in an old family album and I am absolutely head over heels about those bridesmaid's dresses!

There was once a misunderstood goddess.

I will take a moment to let that stick in, I know down there you aren’t used to admitting that godessess walk among you. Sure you see them on your movie screens and glossy magazines, but in the house next door? On the street? They seem to slip by unnoticed.

This goddess was not your typical goddess. In fact, to look at you may mistake her for just a girl, she was completely misunderstood. She didn’t glow, she didn’t live in an entirely white apartment or dress in silk and she didn’t have a perfect anything.

Sometimes her hair was greasey, sometimes she used dry shampoo even though she knew she was meant to bathe her locks in nothing but honey and lemon juice. There were a lot of things the misunderstood goddess knew she was meant to do but didn’t. She didn’t know the difference between cheap wine and fine wine. There were a lot of things the misunderstood goddess knew she was meant to know, but didn’t. She meant to learn these things she was supposed to know and do those things she was supposed to.

There were a lot of things the misunderstood goddess meant to make happen but didn’t.

This was the reason she was misunderstood. Mistaken for just a girl. She liked to stay up late and get up late, which people mistook for lazy, she preferred white pasta to brown, which people mistook for ignorance. She would get tooth paste on her dresses and scuff her shoes which people mistook for clumsiness.

Actually they were right about that last one, she was clumsy.

She would read books to better herself, set an early alarm and buy brown pasta till even she didn’t believe she was a goddess. Honey made her hair sticky, getting up early meant she was too tired to write in the evenings and the harder she tried not to get tooth paste on her dress the more she did.

But she had misunderstood too.

It wasn’t all these meant to dos, and meant to likes, and meant to happen things that make a goddess. A goddess isn’t made she just is as she is.

Even if that is, is just a girl Live life & drink tea x

PS. Thought I would do something a little different today! Hope you enjoy it, a little less pep talky a little more and the moral of the story is… What do you think?

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