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So today my darling Hannah was meant to visit, but she too is dancing the whole theatre/waitressing/actually having a life jig, and couldn’t make it! But in preparation for her trip I had done a little online research about the best places to eat vegan in York, and time and time again Goji Café on Goodramgate kept coming up.

Well Hannah’s trip was cancelled but there is nothing better than a little field research so I decided to pop along anyway…




And I am so glad I did! As you may well know, back in Manchester I was a big fan of visually soothing tea, but it was a treat, saved only for the most stressful of times. In other words it was seriously expensive.


But in Goji? The same pot of Jasmine tea was only £2.95! Good lord! I can be visually Zen all the time! It was delicious and how cute is that mini teacup? In case you can’t get a grasp of just how mini and cute it is here is a picture of me holding it…


Told you it was cute.

The staff were super friendly, and super knowledgeable, I felt like I could ask them anything and they would go out of their way to help! Which I guess is exactly what you want from a café that caters to specific diets!

Speaking of diets, I am sticking to mine this week, so I’m afraid there is no mandatory cake picture, as tempting and as delicious as they looked! Instead I went for a butternut squash and goats cheese wrap with the soup of the day, which was Sweet Potato (don’t tell Hannah she missed out on the soup, she loves sweet potatoes)…


I love when you order a meal that is so tasty and filling! Of course the goats cheese isn’t vegan, but Goji is a vegetarian café with vegan options, and there is a really nice range of different types of meals, everything from homemade curry’s, to hummus platters and tofu hotdogs.

Now so you don’t feel too cheated by the lack of cake in this post, Asia (pronounced Asha) my research partner, had a delicious looking soy vanilla milkshake, and even though she was getting a little bored of me taking photos, I sneaked a few snaps, just for you.



The things us bloggers do to our friends! Slapping their hands away from their own milkshakes just so we can instagram it, yup, I’m becoming one of those people! (And I can kinda love it, I can feel that fancy camera getting closer!)



Now I have to admit, Goji isn’t as cute on the inside as The Vanilla Café, from last week, but that isn’t what Goji is about. Goji is a place for simple and delicious good food, and that is what is really important isn’t it? Besides, I get a little tired of places going for style over substance! I can’t wait to go back to Goji, even though I’m not vegan or even vegetarian! And next time I will have my cake and eat it!

Do you have a favourite place for simple good food? Let me know, wherever you are, it’s always good to have a recommendation up your sleeve, just in case you ever find yourself somewhere new and gasping for a cuppa! Live life & drink tea x

PS. It seems York has a dissapointing lack of places dedicated to veggie and vegan food! If you want to find out more about Goji Café you can visit their website here, and see a full menu!


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