oh you(niverse)…


These past couple of weeks I have been battling frustration on and off and on again (see, like, every other post, for more details). I’ve felt motivated and inspired one minute only to have hit a brick wall the next. You get the picture but so what, right?

Well on Monday I told you how last week really was the lowest I had felt in a long time, and how I finally decided I needed to do something about it. Opportunities and answers weren’t just going to come to me, so no use waiting around.

And I was right, errrr, sort of…

After I hit publish on my morning monday post this week, I was still feeling pretty geared up. I found a real normal job I actually want and was expecting a tonne of responses to all the emails I had sent out over the weekend.

I was hitting the refresh button on my inbox like a mad woman.

I didn’t get a single reply.

But what I did get was maybe even better… Two emails, seemingly out of the blue, sent using the contact form on my theatre website offering me better opportunities than the ones I could have hoped for when I hit send on all those other emails (other than the real job, I’m still in progress on that one). I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I had put all this energy out there into the universe to get what I want, and indirectly it had payed me back. Now, we will never know if these two opportunities would have turned up even if I had just waited around, but I am a big believer in the sneaky old universe, and while I don’t claim to fully understand its ways, I daren’t write it off as mere coincidence!


Right now I am honestly on cloud nine, one of these opportunities is BIG AND SCARY and I can’t say much more about it because I don’t know much more about it. But it feels right.

I have this feeling in my tummy that things are about to change, that if I keep putting the energy out there it will come back to me, that this will all be worth it.

Maybe this post is a little too ying and yang, and higher power ramblings for you, but let me put it this way…

Maybe me putting my energy out there to get what I want had no obvious direct link to what I actually ended up receiving, but when it comes to your dream, are you really gonna risk hanging around waiting for things to happen?

I didn’t think so.

Sure the universe was sneaky in how it went about things, but indirectly I made these opportunities happen, by working hard on past shows, my websites, my CV building, and every time I put my energy out there it’s my experience I am ultimately adding to. Sometimes I forget this, sometimes it feels like I am pointlessly throwing things into the wind, but I’m not, I try to make every single thing I do count towards something, my CV, my writing, my general happiness.

I hope your week is as exciting as mine has turned out to be, but if not there is still time to make it happen.

Live life & drink tea x

PS. I’m not just talking about the big goals with this, I’m talking about the little thing too, liked ringing a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, going for a jog, or just writing it down in a diary and admitting what it is you really want. That can be the hardest and biggest step!

Pps. If you’re working towards an out of the ordinary career or life then this from The Skinny Confidential might ring more than a little true to you, or be just the kick you need!


5 thoughts on “oh you(niverse)…

  1. I’m so happy for you! The most important thing is you feel that thing/opportunity is right for you. Oh, I can’t wait to hear more about it if you decided to tell us more;))

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