running through my mind…


So I’m still fairly new to this whole running business, and this week I have been slacking. In fact in the interest of honesty and in case anyone out there is reading this, and like me constantly feels themselves comparing their own progress to people doing better (whole other post coming about this, soon, I promise), I’ve actually only managed to get out running once this week.

However, in the spirit of not letting my own comparisons get me down, and hopefully to help you guys think more positively, I am really celebrating the one run I did this week. Now excuse the pun but I really feel I hit my stride.


This was the first run, where I actually ran (read: decent paced jogged) the whole way round AND it was the first time I actually enjoyed it! Oh yes, I am becoming one of those people, running clears my head.


I thought it might be fun to share with you all the thoughts that run through my head while I run so here goes…

1. Song lyrics
2. Show ides
3. Blog posts
4. Past relationships
5. Future relationships
6. To do lists
7. The things that are bothering me
8. How nice it would be to have a dog
9. How much easier it is to run in the countryside
10. People I haven’t spoken to in a while who I should call
11. That funny thing that happened that time in uni
12. What else in my wardrobe will go with my new lilac skirt
13. How much I have managed to save this month
14. How much I should save next month
15. How much should I save before I can justify splurging on a camera
16. Or a holiday
17. How little of the world I have seen
18. Summer
19. T in the park
20. Sandals

And the list could go on and on and on, now you might think that all that thinking would give me a meltdown, but really that is no less than what I normally have going through my head, the difference is that when I finish jogging, the thoughts do to. Giving myself that time to do nothing other than think and tire myself put really works wonders.

What goes through your head when you’re running? Live life & drink tea x

PS. I really wish I was the type of person that could be up in a morning and run but I am yet to find the motivation? Any tips?


4 thoughts on “running through my mind…

  1. I’m not a runner, in fact, I hate it 😉 but the thought process you describe happens to me when I’m cleaning. Besides cleaning our own house I have 2 cleaning homes nearby where I get paid to clean. I consider this my ‘running’, I get the chance the move my body for free (I even get paid for it), and I get the chance to clear my mind at the same time 😉 I wish you lots of fun and head clearing while running!

    • Thanks Daphne! I have a similar thing with waitressing, sometimes doing something practical that I don’t really have to think about let’s my mind find the answers to so many other things! The difference is that when I finish waitressing the thoughts just keep coming, but after I run I can just switch off. Maybe it is something to do with also being physically exhausted? X

  2. Haha, I like the list of your thoughts, they are so random and actually remind me myself when I’m running.
    I don’t know if you have to force yourself run in the mornings if you’re not a morning person but I can share what I do when I have to workout early in the morning. I actually wake up even earlier to have at least 10 extra minutes which I spend drinking a small cup of tea (wakes me up perfectly, and getting up early doesn’t look that stressful) and scrolling through my tumblr wall full of “fitspiration” pictures. 10 minutes and I’m super motivated to start any workout. ;D

    • I think I need a motivational board of some form! Although I hate all those shouty pictographs that say things like ‘you’re not going to get the ass you want by sitting on the one you have” they remind me of a mean sports teacher! X

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