morning monday…


Look a jug of coffee! Just what you need on a Monday!

Morrrrrning all! How was your weekend? You can probably guess that mine was tiring from the waitressing as per usual.

But the weekend is over now, and so is March practically! At the beginning of the month I shared some goals for what I was hoping to achieve this month so in an attempt to be consistent I thought I’d do a little recap. I’m all for progress monitoring y’all…

1. Eat healthy – I totally did! I’m in complete shock! And I started running too! Erm can I have a gold star please? This healthiness business has been a big priority for me this month, and I’ve really kept up the motivation up even if I haven’t seen the numbers go down on the scales.

2. Sort out my body clock – er woops? Maybe we should just skip this one? There have been less ridiculous lie ins, but the late nights have continued.

3. Do the things I say I am going to – in general March ended up being pretty successful on the whole making progress front! And April should be even better, that BIG AND SCARY project gets underway with meeting this month, and today I am finishing off my cv AND there is another residency to apply for just opened up! Think it is a big tick against this one again? Yay!

4. Write something every day – hmmm this one is a little more difficult to monitor. I have been super proactive here on the blog and I am really happy with that! However, when I wrote this goal I had a couple of fictional projects in mind, and a little script editing, but these never really took off. I’m a when-inspiration-hits kinda girl so I’m not going to be too hard on myself about this one.

5. Save money – I think I’m doing OK on this one! Had a few big expenses to pay for and treated myself to T in the Park tickets but over all I’ve been pretty sensible. It is bit difficult to quantify this one, because I actually get paid mid month, so we will see…

I’ve got to say I am pretty chuffed with myself and how March has gone! My goals for April are pretty much the same, eat healthy, get productive, be the person that I want to be. I’ve changed the goal posts slightly though and instead of giving myself monthly goals each week I am setting myself smaller goals for my health, blog, theatre and life. Small things like comment more on blogs I’ve read or start each day with a mug of hot water and lemon,things to help me build good habits, without feeling overwhelmed!

How about you? I hope it is gold stars all round!

Live life & drink tea x

PS. I read somewhere that Mondays are the worst day for starting a diet or something new because as a whole we put too much pressure on Mondays as the beginning of something new, and when you add in the Monday blues too it is a recipe for disaster! What do you think? My motto is Mondays are for trying, just give it a go! And if it doesn’t work out there is always Tuesday x


5 thoughts on “morning monday…

    • Thank you! I am a bit obsessive when it comes to my layout! I am still using a basic theme (the forever one) but I use the widgets to put in photos instead of titles! It’s dead simple to do, once you get the knack of it, but it takes a bit of playing around and working things out!

      I’m still toying with upgrading to the customisation so I can really make it my own!

      If you need more step by step instructions let me know! X

  1. I actually like Mondays, they feel so crispy and clean. After a weekend with my husband and teenagers around it’s also lovely to experience the quietness of an empty house on Monday mornings, with a cappuccino behind my desk, working on my blog or a digital design. I love my family to bits but every now and then I love to have some time alone. Mondays are great for that!

    • Monday’s are like that for me too, I normally have the day time off from my waitressing job and the house all too myself! Slow breakfast, a run, lots of blogging, compiling the weeks to do list, all to ease myself into it! I guess we’re lucky not to follow normality in that sense!

      One of my favourite things about doing these posts is to capture that fresh new feeling, so that when those difficult days come, I can come back to this and refocus x

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