tea in your eighties and that theatre thing I do…


I forgot to tell you I started working on a new project yesterday! And it involves both theatre AND tea. Yup, that’s right I’m in heaven.

And the lull is finally over, officially each week I am doing something other than just waitressing. I already LOVE spring, anyway, that theatre thing I do…


Now you may have already read somewhere but if you haven’t I’m going to do a little recap… As an artist/theatre maker/writer I am predominantly interested in finding out the stories that make up peoples everyday lives. The ones we don’t really think are dramatic but that we can all relate to. At the moment I am fascinated with collecting memories, and the idea that people are “made up” of a bunch of them, things that shape them, things that they’ve learnt, places they have been, and my latest show was all about my family and dementia (and if you want to find out more it might be worth looking at my theatre website).

So baring all this in mind, you can imagine my delight when the wonderful Mary Passeri from Arty Farty Stuff asked me to get involved with a new project running in York, collecting stories of people with dementia and their families!



Working in the absolutely beautiful Jacobs Well, in York city centre, yesterday really was an absolutely gorgeous first day, and I can’t wait for next week!

And the stories being told were both fascinating and hilarious! It was so good to be starting something new! I took over 5 pages of notes from just one lady!

This is why I am so obsessed with real people and their stories. Those mundane things that make up your lives? Those are the things you’ll be reminiscing over when your having a cup of tea in your eighties. Like that time you made some Yorkshire puddings for some Australians and they didn’t rise, because obviously the ovens are upside down in Australia…

Anyway, I thought I would ease you into more regular theatre and arts posts, and soften the shock with some photos of the day and your usual teacups!


7 thoughts on “tea in your eighties and that theatre thing I do…

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