the house that Zen built…


I am very lucky to have found so many of my people.

Let me explain my theory.

In the beginning we were all in clans and groups and what have you (no points for historical accuracy, I know) and everyone felt a natural affinity to one another, they lived and SURVIVED together.

Well the world got bigger and more complicated and the clans dispersed and there was no clear lines of who would help who survive anymore.

But every now and then you come across one of your clan members, one of your people, and that natural affinity kicks in, and when you need help surviving those people are there. And like I said, I am very lucky to have found so many of mine.

Hannah is definitely one of my clan. We met just over a year ago now, back in Manchester, and in that time, A LOT OF surviving has happened. Right now, like I was a few months ago, Hannah is in the process of rebuilding the Zen, so she popped over to York for a day trip (I should also mention that Hannah is Australian and has never been to my beautiful hometown before).


We spent hours wandering around, taking in all the sites, such as the Minster, the gardens and the walls, and because we were so busy chitter chattering we forgot all about our cameras, sorry folks but sometimes it is nice to keep a few things just for us.

Of course high on our agenda was FOOD, and Hannah being vegan and more than a bit of a foodie, I wanted to really show off, so I took her to El Piano for 100% vegan and gluten free mexican food!


And coffee served in jugs…


And Granada Chai served in pretty teapots…


Look, just go OK, it is delicious, try the Dahl, and the moussaka, in fact get a sharing platter and try everything! Honestly it is like taking a miniature foodie holiday and it is right in the middle of York. Oh and if you are wondering where the picture of the Chocolate Moose Mud Pie is, well I challenge you to restrain yourself from gobbling the whole thing long enough to take a picture.

I really am the worst tea and cake blogger in the world! But honestly El Piano is THAT good, so good I went twice in one week! Whhaaaaaat?!? I had to try it out first (with Jess, another of my people).

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, rebuilding the Zen…


Sometimes wandering around with no real plan, and a pair of eyes that are new to the sites means discovering new things, like The Yorkshire Coffee beans shop. A pick and mix shop for coffee and hot chocolate. Speaking of which, I couldn’t resist buying a jar of Spanish Hot Chocolate, a little bit of Zen to take home with me.

Just off the shambles, this place is amazing for coffee lovers, and what was even more exciting for me is that they also have a sister shop dedicated to tea, I know my mission for next week…


It was so lovely to spend a day guilt free and leisurely. At the moment it is so easy for me to think of a thousand things I should be doing when I’m not waitressing, but the things you should be doing, while they may be the things you need to progress, there not always the things keeping you sane!

Our people may now be spread far and wide and a little more difficult to locate than they used to be but they are still the best tools for our survival, their our builders of the Zen, and then of course, we each have our own version of the building blocks. For me it’s good food, better conversations, a pot of tea and of course a new dress every now and then…


Maybe those building blocks or survival tools wouldn’t have done much good back in the day of the clans, maybe I’m girly and just like a thousand other bloggers out there and my bank account definitely can’t always afford my Zen. But this is my retreat, a day where I don’t have to think about the big things, or at least not alone, a day away from my to do list so that I can refocus, talk it through, it is the house that Zen built, and the door is always open to my people!

Have you found your people? How do you build back your Zen? Live life & drink tea

PS. I love being a tourist in my own town, and I am definitely going to be doing more of this when my other person, Lucy, comes over for a staycation at the end of the month.


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