morning monday…


Yes it is once again a new week, I’m not sure how that happened, this time last week today felt forever away…

So normally I use these Monday morning (alright, afternoon) posts to look forward and prepare myself for the week/tasks/generally what lies ahead. But when you are forever looking forward, or upwards – because after all my favourite metaphor for life is that it is all about climbing your own mountains – it is quite easy to loose track of just how far you’ve come.


On that note then, let’s talk about last week. And let’s talk about last week in comparison to the last couple of months.

I waitressed, I waitressed really really hard for 8 days on a trot, and the things that I don’t normally let bother me about waitressing started to, but I took deep breaths, remembered that it isn’t really about the waitressing and got on with it. I had my second week working on the wonderful dementia project, I popped to Manchester, saw some beauts and then hop skipped to Southport for the Big and Scary meeting (all revealed in the next post I promise).


Then I got a phone call.

A phone call inviting me to interview for the REAL job that I really want, the one I was pretty convinced I’d not made the cut for.

And that is when it really hit me, hit me just how different my life is now to a couple of months ago, how different I am to a couple of months ago, and then I got this giddy effervescent feeling, like for a second I stopped looking up at the mountain and instead turned round, took in the view, and realised I was pretty high up.


6 months ago, while I wouldn’t say I was depressed I just kept telling myself that one day things would change, that the time now wasn’t right, that I just had to wait. Then I left Manchester in a tizz, lost my handbag and became a waitress. I gave myself a break, still waiting. This week, or rather this past month or so, waiting has been the last thing on my mind. Now when I feel waitressing getting to me I go home and attempt to do something about it. I organise meetings. I write here. I apply for jobs.

And all that changes things. It might not be an instant change, but they are small changes things that click into place, push you further up the mountain.

And boy look at that view…




I just wanted to share with you the small pieces of my life, the tiny achievements, the ones we don’t celebrate enough, because they are fairly mundane. The fact that you’ve lost a stone, can run 2 miles, have an exciting job interview, saved some money, improved your writing, started to feel like you again. 

You’ve stopped waiting – but that doesn’t mean you can’t pause, to take it all in.

Do you have a little-big achievement? I’d love to hear all about it, post in the comments below, or blog about it and post the link for me!

Live life & drink tea x

PS. I celebrate with cake, and alcoholic cocktails, if you follow me on instagram that will have become very obvious lately!


3 thoughts on “morning monday…

  1. I love this. SOOOO Much. Your blog is really wonderful. 😀 It is always encouraging to see when life starts to make sense. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. It’s good to look back every now and then. Sometimes it turns out to be really surprising how life has changed and we didn’t even noticed. I like those moments. Anyway, I’m happy for you and am interested in how things are going to work out for you 😉 Never tired of reading your posts.

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