the BIG & the SCARY

wpid-2014-04-11-14-26-58.jpgHey, how are you this week? I’m in a state of quiet shock, after a crazy busy week last week, this one feels so calm. Not that I don’t have a million and one things to do, I have, as always, but it certainly feels like there is time.

Speaking of time, and in a strenuous link, I think it is finally time to tell you about the BIG and SCARY project I have coming up…


I have been given my first ever full commission! Which for those reading, who came here for the pictures of tea, means some one is ACTUALLY GOING TO PAY ME TO MAKE A SHOW!

This is a BIG deal, it is also TERRIFYING (note: not just scary).

For the first time, I will be making a show, to somebody else’s deadlines, with somebody else’s aims in mind, and with somebody else’s money. Where as with my last two shows, I made them simply because I wanted to, because there was something specifically that I felt the need to say, and I made them with my own money.

That isn’t to say I don’t want to make this show, I do, I really really do… In fact I can’t believe quite how lucky I am to have this opportunity!


The Atkinson in Southport

Ok so here are a few more details…

The show is being made for the Sefton Coastal Festival, which is a brand new festival taking place this September.  More details of this will be announced soon I am sure.

Because it is all about the Sefton Coastal Area, the show is going be about the seaside, the way the coast shapes us, and the idea that we take the sea with us. It is also going to be a promenade piece (a show that happens on the move – like a guided tour- hope these explanations aren’t patronising!) and I will be making it with a local community group, who may or may not also be performers/writers etc. in the final piece!

(These details are still being hashed out, and I don’t want to announce too much just in case plans change – but at the moment the plans are very exciting, and involves a brand new challenge for me – sorry, I know, vague again!)

wpid-2014-04-11-14-29-27.jpgI really can not wait to get going!  Last Friday was the first meeting, where I got to find out a little more about who else is involved and how many more fabulous events will be taking place! I also got to nosey around The Atkinson in Southport, which is a fantastic art gallery/ museum/ library /and theatre, and is also where most of my workshops will probably be taking place, so expect to see more photos of this in the next few months!

wpid-2014-04-11-14-25-45.jpgThere you have it, I have finally spilt all the beans I have on the BIG and the SCARY. I was going to write about pushing your boundaries, and taking on new challenges etc. but I think I will save that for another post, after all this project has barely even started yet!

Thanks for letting me share, so many things are going on at the moment that this little space of mine here on the internet is a great place for me to really keep track and take stock on the way things are going!

I have this feeling in my tummy that has been there for weeks now, that CHANGE is coming, maybe it is just summer, but I think it is something even more exciting than that? Do you ever feel that way?

Live life & drink tea x

ps. I have a new photo editing app, for my Android phone and tablet, called Shark, it lets me add all those pretty flares on top of my photos, what do you think?



6 thoughts on “the BIG & the SCARY

  1. I come from a seaside city and the show promises to be really cool… so definitely well done 🙂 And, also, I’ve downloaded some new photo-editing apps taking inspiration from your Shark one, thanks!

    • You’re welcome! Photo apps are amazing these days! I use a couple of different ones! I’ve also just bought a semi fancy camera! Cos I needed something new to learn, but I figured it would help with the theatre projects! (or at least that is how I am justifying it! x

  2. This is amazing! Congrats, that is a big thing but I’m sure you’ll be just great. As I see it from the “outside”, this looks like a step to your successful career. I don’t know I just have this feeling about you from regularly reading your thoughts and ideas. You look like a very dedicated person. I mean, you work hard as a waitress but dream about bigger things and, most importantly, DO something about it, which is what I like about you.Good luck with the project!

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