a little spot of secret haven…


Seriously, pinch me. I am still in York right? I didn’t accidentally get on a plane, black out and wake up in coffee, cake and salad heaven did I?

I know these posts about York are making some of you a little jealous, and I’m afraid this one might just take the biscuit, or rather the chocolate peanut slice…


I’m writing this in the sun drenched yard of Kafenion (which is Greek for coffee shop) and today, York has even took my breath away. The sun is shining and people, and there are ALOT of people due to school holidays, have flocked to my little city.

I didn’t much fancy battling the crowds so I headed, as all smart locals do, down Goodramgate, which is where the BEST independent coffee shops are ( Gojiis across the road and The Vanilla Café is only round the corner).

I’ve known about Kafenion for a while now, and it’s little yard is my favourite little get away spot.


Of course it helps that the food is AMAZING.


No really just LOOK at that halloumi salad! Oh and this iced coffee…




So good, I photographed it twice. Honestly, it was delicious (well, it is delicious, I’m writing and munching, although by the time this is published, that slice will have been well and truly demolished).


Did I mention I’m in heaven? There is nothing like feeling you’re privaliged to a well kept secret, and sat in this yard, alone (apart from three older ladies, who sound liked they have LIVED) I certainly feel that way! Of course it helps that the sun is out, but honestly this place is worth every gushing adjective I can throw at it!

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable (thanks to the lovely Lisa behind the counter for her cake recommendation) and super attentive, which is something I love. Checking that you’re OK and happy without making you feel rushed. The prices are a little pricier, but it is worth it, think of it more like a restaurant, and there is no way you’ll leave feeling hungry (even I’m struggling with this cake).

Of course, all of this does mean I accidentally forgot about being on a diet, but honestly? Do I look like I care?


Do you have a secret get away? Let me know! Live life & drink tea x

EDIT: 29th April 2014 – all opinions in this blog are my own and I wasn’t paid or even invited to write this post, however, the wonderful people at Kafenion, did see this and as a thank you invited me for free Afternoon Tea for Two. It was delicious and involved even more peanut butter chocolate slice.

PS. The slice has well and truly gone.

Pps. Just to clarify, I visited Kafenion on Tuesday the 15th April, so this is/was published a few days after writing. Even I’m confused with my times/tenses now!


3 thoughts on “a little spot of secret haven…

    • The place I work is a country pub, but it is part of a chain so nothing special! Hopefully won’t be there much longer though!

      And you should definitely visit York, I am very lucky to have grown up here! X

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