morning monday…


Morning everyone! And a Happy (belated) Easter!

Did you all have a gorgeous weekend? I’m not even going to mention what I was doing (it begins with a W) because this week I’m back… to looking forward…

Sometimes when you look at your to-do list it seems like every task on there is HUGE. Normally when I first look at my many lists on a Monday morning, first thing I do is to get all those tiny tasks out of the way, my washing goes on, I send that quick email, I look up that thing that some one told me about. The easy stuff, the stuff that you can tick off and then use the sense of achievement that little tick gives you to push on to the bigger things.

And if you don’t get a sense of achievement from ticking something off a to-do list, then I hate to say this, but I pity you, you’re missing out on one of life’s simplest pleasures.

However this week there is no easy tick. What with all the changes and opportunities and GOOD THINGS that have been happening around here lately, gradually every little thing is beginning to feel and become more important.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I am relishing having such a big (possibly, life changing) to-do list this week. I can’t wait for the sense of achievement these ticks are going to give me (hey, I’m a tick junky, I may even need help, is it normal to put ‘wake up’ on a to-do list?). but big ticks take big chunks of time, and can be very daunting. But being daunted takes up time. Time that I don’t have, because the things on my list are so big that I’m not sure i will squeeze them all in as it is…

Basically, what I am trying to say is, can’t stay and chat I have to go and Make Things Happen!

And so do you! No really, Scamoose!  If you are in the UK and enjoying the bank holiday make the most of it! If it is just a regular old Monday wherever you are in the world, then do something to make it irregular!

But whatever it is you do, make sure, first and foremost that it makes you happy. Love to you all, have an amazing Monday! Live life & drink tea x

Ps. I bought a new camera and in typical ‘my life’ fashion my tablet broke, but a replacement is being sent, so expect lots of photos coming your way soon!

Pps. I am thinking of changing some of my categories around soon, so any suggestions about what should be on the different pages are more than welcome!


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