sweet spot…


Just a quick post today. I’m on break from work and swamped by the big to do list, but decided to treat myself, take a little me time, and well,this is where I take my moment. This blog is my sweet spot, my therapy I’ve said it before and I have said it again.

I want to write a big and meaningful and interesting post about so many things but right now I just don’t have the time to upload and offload properly so instead I will make a note of them, save them for later.

Here are the things I have been thinking about lately…

Bullies (you should read the gorgeous Hannah’s post on this), how to make flowers from paper (so many ways, so many hours on pinterest), spending time in your own company, if I’m too old for a real night out, dressing for the office, The Mindy Project, Grey’s Anatomy, idolising people, relationships,  coffee, diets, cake, more cake, time management, what is really important, a holiday, the importance of a few moments stolen in your favourite place, why I have only just come across cinnamon toast?

I’m also preparing for a visit from Lucy this weekend so expect an influx of posts about tea cake, York and best friends very soon.

Live life & drink tea x


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