morning monday… (Or a letter to myself…)



Dear Stephanie,

I know weird that I am writing this to you huh? Maybe even weirder that it is going online for the world to see and not just in a diary , but hey, that is your decision.

I guess you are pretty nervous right now, worrying that today might be a bit like your first year english lit presentation where you shook so much it sounded like your voice was on vibrate. Don’t worry it won’t be, for a start your not dressed as a french person and there isn’t a random tiger in the middle of your slides.

But more importantly, you’ve come a very long way since then, you know those things that you get a little braggy about when you’re drunk? Well they are actually fairly impressive. Two original solo shows, both with rave reviews? Kinda amazing. Teaching yourself to build websites, design leaflets, edit photos and all that other stuff you didn’t know you could do? People want to know about those things.

You’ve got this, sure, it’s a presentation, and public speaking in certain forms makes you nervous, but you have walked into a bar with over a hundred people in, grabbed a microphone and made them laugh with your words, your confidence.

This will not be as big as that, so just remember it is sink or swim, that mentality has pushed you much further than you ever imagined. And looking at it? When have things ever gone truly wrong?

And I mean life ruining wrong?

Never.  They have always turned out for the best.

So time to get your train, grab your coffee (not the muffin though, this is a confidence building letter, but seriously, no cake this week!) and go do your absolute best.

Nobody is asking for anything more! Live life & drink tea, Stephanie x

Ps. That skirt is dead cute.


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