true love is hard to find (or an ode to my best friend)…


This is my best friend Lucy, not only is she one of my people she is quite probably the love of my life.

Lucy has been there through my first (and second) love, through graduation, through quarter life break downs and for every episode of The Mindy Project. She has held my hair back when I’ve vomited, and passed me my bear when I am hungover. She has driven to pick me up because I have been in floods of tears and she has been in the audience for everyone of my shows (either mentally or physically).

Other than my family, my relationship with Lucy is the one in life that has shaped who I am the most.


And that is no small statement to make. After all think about the things that really shape who you are. They tend to be the tough things. Lucy hasn’t only bin there for me when I have had tough times, she has still been there after we have had tough times with each other.

Friends don’t have to stay with you when things get tough in your relationship, not in the same way family do. Other friends have run away when they think they have upset me, have forgotten about me on their big day or have turned out not to be friends at all. But not Lucy.


We’ve grown together. And these are her wise words not mine, so she gets to take credit for them.

Some friends you have in life because they are near by, because they gel with you at that precise moment, they are the there and then friends, other friends you are friends with because they once knew you inside out, and even though that isn’t the case now, you’re still friends for the sake of the people you once were.

Then there are the friends you grow with, the ones that go through your life with you, your evolution, and your friendship grows and evolves too. You’re not friends because they happen to be around the corner, or because you used to be friends, your friends because without them you simply wouldn’t survive.


When you’re growing up, people never tell you how hard friendship is. Real friendship is probably the toughest relationship to get right and one of the ones that has to be the most enduring. It is also probably the most rewarding.

Thank you Lucy for teaching me this. Love you xxxxx

Ps. Lucy came to stay this weekend and that is where all these photos are from, she is also much MUCH better at photography than I am so you should definitely go to her new photography blog!

Pps. If you recognise a certain chocolate peanut slice or was wondering how I justified such a HUGE amount of tea and cake and sandwhices, that is because the wonderful people at Kafenion treated us to free afternoon tea for two to thank me for the post I wrote about them ! How nice is that? Free tea and cake for blogging? I am living the dream people! Live life & drink tea x




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