little pick me up…


Hey folks, I like to think we have a very open and honest relationship with one another now (if this is your first time visiting, then this may seem a little strong, but I’ve been single a long time now, I need you to just go with this relationship). I like to think you know me.

And you know that I am a tea girl (even you new readers can tell that). But just sometimes. Sometime tea doesn’t give me everything I need. Sometimes I cheat on tea, with it’s cooler older, richer brother, the rock and roll one, tall dark and handsome. It’s coffee ok, I’m talking about coffee.


i’m not about to bore you (again) with the details of how busy and tired I have been recently so lets just say that come Tuesday afternoon I was in serious need of a coffee, so as I was leaving the Dementia project I decided to go explore a place I have meant to pop into a thousand times –The Perky Peacock Coffee Shop, tucked away under Lendal Bridge.


I mean seriously, LOOK, at this place it is basically IN the bar walls, and you can sit by the river. If that isn’t the perfect location for a pick me up then I really do not know where is.


And they have the most adorable cups (even their take away cups are cute, they have dinosaurs on!). But what is really impressive about this place is that they, REALLY DO COFFEE. Now I can be a bit of a coffee snob sometimes, there is an art and a science behind coffee. and yes there is a bigger difference between Lattes and Cappuccinos than just the chocolate sprinkles on top.


And my latte was perfect, and it had a little latte art thrown in for good measure too.


Not only that but they have different guest blends, REAL hot chocolate and a cake counter that I only JUST managed to walk away from (I have GOT to start being good again, but cake counter, I will be back).


So if you like the type of coffee shop that is tucked away, unique and really knows it’s coffee then The Perky Peacock is for you.

Oh wait I’m lying, it isn’t quite unique, there is actually a second Perky Peacock over on Gillygate (that’s how I know about their cute take away cups, Me and Lucy stopped by for a coffee on the go over the weekend, they have a whole blackboard wall, I love blackboard walls).


I love a good cup of coffee, and not just for a quick fix either, but I could never be a coffee first thing on a morning kind of girl (I can barely deal with Tea first thing on a morning, I get caffeine shakes so badly, I actually start to look like a blur to anyone stood near me). What about you? Live Life & drink coffee x

P.s. I really wanted to get a photo of there front door/stairway/sign but there were people on those tables and it all just felt a little intrusive, I’m still playing it safe with the whole camera etiquette thing now that I’m not just using my phone!



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