morning monday… or may well be…


Insert cliché here about how I can NOT believe it is May already. Although actually I can, because April has been crazy busy and feels a bit like I squeezed 3 months into 1.

There was the Dementia Project, the meeting about the Southport Project, an Interview, a visit from Hannah and then another from Lucy, several cups of tea (my favourite this month has to be this one) and probably a whole other bunch of stuff I am forgetting about because I’m incredibly lucky with life at the moment. Oooooo and I bought a new camera so expect a lot more posing going on…


I feel like I’ve grown a lot this past month, and I can safely say I have never been this sure and excited about my future in my entire life, and I think May, may well be an even bigger month for me (see what I did there?!?).

One thing I haven’t been so hot on this month is my health and diet goals, which is definitely not something I want to loose track of so in the next couple of weeks there will be A LOT of green smoothies and a lot of running.


Other than that I’m not sure how much I can really plan out, things are going to change a lot this month and I think I will be spending a lot of time just responding to what is in front of me. I’m excited, I’m terrified and above all I am ready.

Once again I have left you another cryptic post (although there are a fair few clues plotted in this post alone), honestly, why do you put up with me?

I guess my Monday mantra this week would be to just believe in yourself, don’t be daunted by the big things and don’t forget to appreciate not only how much good stuff happens, but also, how much you deserve the things you work for.

Live life & drink tea x

ps. If you read Friday’s post about The Perky Peacock that is the dinosaur take-away cup I was telling you about!


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