a bloggers pledge…


Helloooo everyone!

You may have noticed a little bit of a revamp going on with the design of my little blog recently. I’ve had this blog for just under two years now, but it is only recently that I feel like I can really call myself a blogger.

I’ve been living back home, and waitressing for almost 6 months now, and that has given me a lot of time to really invest in this little corner of the internet and in doing so, I can now see that I have invested in myself.

When I look at what I’ve been posting here in that time, I can see how I’ve used this space as a testing ground for the kind of person I want to be.

When I left Manchester I had a lot going on in my head and a lot of soul searching to do. I was left a little unsure of every decision I had ever made, and that made making any new decisions practically impossible. So this became my sounding board, not so much to seek validation on my thoughts but to sort through them, to put them out there and read them back to myself. To try and sort through the white noise.


I always want to be honest with my blog, and with anyone who is reading, because if I’m being honest with you then i am being honest with myself.

I’ve also stared reading more and more blogs, and I know there seems to be a bit of a damp mood at the moment as people worry about whether or not blogging has got, a little too, well, mainstream I guess, particularly with fashion and lifestyle blogging. I can’t deny that I have dreamed of being a “professional” blogger, I’ve tried out beauty and fashion posts, I’ve probably even tried mimicking other peoples voices, but that isn’t what I want this space to be.

I want this blog to be like a really good conversation and a cup of tea, I want this to be the space I come to when I feel a little lonely, or scared, or so happy I could burst.

And I figured a space like that deserved a little tlc, so I had a little tidy up, or a spring clean (it might be a month late, but I got round to tidying this up much quicker than I did my bedroom).


I’ve invested in the customisation option, made this space really look like my own. I would hate to think how many times I have googled ‘css codes’ or swapped back and forth between two almost identical headers.

I’ve also changed my category pages – fashion blogging just isn’t really me, I’ve had my own style since I was 16, it isn’t ground breaking and while I will always love fashion it isn’t something I feel the need to voice. Now you’ll find posts here about the things I spend my time thinking, worrying and enjoying most in life, namely; living; loving; drinking tea; and making theatre. Oh and I put a little time and effort into my ‘about me page.’

I will probably never be paid to post here, and my blog will probably never be glamorous but it is honest and it is me and when I am reading some one else’s posts, those are the things that really matter. I hope whoever is reading can see that!

So that is my pledge to my blog, myself and to you reader! And a thank you, I’m not sure this last little chapter of my life would have turned out quite so well if I hadn’t had this space to keep me in check!

Live life & drink tea x

ps. I’m leading up to a big announcement can you tell?


7 thoughts on “a bloggers pledge…

  1. Honestly, I like to read blogs like yours instead of the so called lifestyle blogs. I get bored with all these magazine like pics of fashion, make-up and accessories. And when a blog is entirely made up of those kind of posts combined with tons of featured (paid) post and giveaways, I’m out of there. I like to read the blogs with a personal touch to it. I seperated my personal blog (lifethroughathousandstories.blogspot.com) from my business blog on digital design. That way I can express myself how I am and keep the digital business for the folks that only want to read about that.

    • Thanks Daphne! For ages I ummed and ahhed about separating this blog from my theatre work but I figured my shows are all very personal too and my audiences always comment about how they feel like they know me afterwards so I guess being personal is just my thing! X

  2. I so appreciate this. Like Daphne said, I enjoy reading your blog like this. It’s real, its unique, and it is you!!! Once you take that out it isn’t fun to write anymore.

    • Exactly! Whenever I am writing a post I think I “should” be writing I feel like my voice changes. Like if I was trying to say the post out loud it would come out all forced and high pitched! Does that make sense? X

      • Absolutely. It’s your fake voice inside your head. I have that too. I think it’s perfect that you have that intuition because some writers don’t. I mean,
        If you are going to tell a story, you have to tell it in your style. If not, you’re not a writer, you’re just mimicking someone. 🙂 this makes me happy for your blog! Keep truckin, my

      • Oh definitely, I actually think it comes from my theatre work, after all so much of what I write I do have to say out loud in front of an audience! And audiences like readers can tell if you’re being honest, if they think you are lying to them you can feel and see it on their faces a and it is almost impossible to win them back after that! Nothing scarier to face as a performer! X

      • I mean…. I was a block in the yellow brick road once (Think yellow leotard and a huge block box on my body) so I’m
        Gonna take your word for it!!! Bahahahaha

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