a moment on the hips…


If there is one thing these posts have taught me, it is that York is a tea and cake heaven. In fact if there is one thing that these past couple of months have taught me it is that, for me, my home town is practically perfect in every way. But if I was an ungrateful sort, which obviously I’m not, the one thing I would say I have been craving since leaving Manchester is a Northern Quarter coffee shop.

The type of place where I feel a little embarrassed to pull out my toshiba laptop while cute guys with big glasses and checked shirts write their latest novel on a slick macbook. The type of place where it is more acceptable to pull out my camera than it is my chunky old lap top.

That hipster type of place.

But I think my craving and my ungratefulness is about to be thwarted because now I have found Brew & Brownie.


Hanging lightbulbs in glass jars and lots of barewood furniture. I stepped inside and it was as if I’d teleported to Manchester’s Hipster HQ.

But the best thing about Brew & Brownie is that it has all the Hipster style of the Northern Quarter but all the Sensibilities and Substance I’ve come to expect from York. Let me explain that a little. Look at the blue cup below…


There is a coffee shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester that has blue cups of coffee identical to this one, except they are half the size and twice the price. Why??? WHHHHY? Why make something look so good if it isn’t going to live up to its appearance? Thankfully York’s Brew & Brownie doesn’t do that.

Brew & Brownie is every bit as good as it looks. Gorgeous good sized cups full of delicious coffee (sourced from the Lake District no less) and a whole range of home made sweet and savoury treats.


Speaking of which, I am kicking myself slightly, for not actually trying a brownie, or any of their food for that matter, I visited late afternoon for a quick cup of coffee and had already eaten (excuses excuses). However, my little sister (the good looking one in the photo below), who recommended Brew & Brownie to me, reassures me that the cakes are as delicious as they look and she is harder to please than I am (lets face it when it comes to cake, I very rarely complain).


Cake or no cake, I am really glad I popped into Brew & Brownie. It is definitely the type of place I could spend an afternoon lingering with my notebook. Like I said at the beginning I love York, and I love all it’s adorable tea rooms, but it is in many ways a city for old ladies (which I am basically one of) and tourists.

On their website it says…

At Brew & Brownie we are inspired by the seasons, our countryside upbringing, our urban adulthood, the food we craved as children, to the tastes we developed as we grew. We aim to bring this vision to life at our cafe and coffee house in the centre of York. 

And I feel like that is exactly what they have done, it is a cafe which is everything I love about my beautiful home town but with all the contemporary coolness I miss from my days in Manchester


For that, and the fact that they use a milk urn as an ‘open’ sign, Brew & Brownie has to be saluted, now excuse me while I hunt down the perfect check shirt to wear on my next visit.

Live life & drink tea x

ps. There actually was a guy using a mac book while I was there but he was a little too old for my tastes, and I’m still only just getting used to brazening it out with my new camera without feeling all awkward and embarrassed. Safe to say no one will ever describe me as hip.





4 thoughts on “a moment on the hips…

  1. Hahaha this post is hysterical! I feel the same way around cute hipster boys in downtown Manhattan and always feel obnoxious carrying my camera around! But finding a good coffee place to work in is heavenly.

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