me time…


When I look back at the last 6 months, the thing I appreciate most is the time to myself. Monday mornings in pyjamas, learning to like (if not love) running, discovering just how lucky I am to have lived in York.

My biggest worry when I left Manchester was that I would be lonely. I had built up an amazing group of friends back in Manchester and filled every spare moment I could with them. As I packed up the flat that nobody loved I wasn’t exactly sure how I would deal with so much time and so few friends in York.

Of course I miss everyone from Manchester dearly, and I would love to have a slightly more exciting social calendar than waitressing has allowed, but now I realise, the reason I filled every minute of the day with fabulous company was because I was uncomfortable in my own.


Down time on my own meant time to think about my life and how it was shaping up, it meant facing the fact that I was unhappy and scared about how things might end up.

But once things did end, and they weren’t anywhere near as bad as I had worried, then time on my own meant I no longer had to face the fact that I was unhappy. Instead I could relish this time to think things through, I could think about my life and work out what was next, after all there was no time dwelling on the past, instead for the first time in months, I could look forwards and not feel like something bad was on the horizon. Even if this wasn’t constantly at the forefront of my mind then subconsciously I was planning and repairing.


Time spent reading my bloglovin feed, reflecting here, drinking cups of tea with just my notebook for company has been exactly what I needed. To listen to nobody else’s opinion but my own.

Maybe that is self centred, and I certainly don’t want to become a recluse, after all my friends have seen me through the hardest times, and I wouldn’t want to face life without them, but I do think taking some time out, where you can’t district yourself, from well, yourself, can make you realise, that you can fix almost anything.

How do you spend time alone? Live life & drink tea x

PS. I’m not the only one who thinks that me time is good for your soul, why not take Hannah’s homework and treat yourself!


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