definitely not a fashion blogger…

Textured Gathered Knee Midi Skirt | Topshop

I think the above, dodgily lit, messily arranged, changing room shot finally proves once and for all, that as expected, I am not a fashion blogger.

That and the fact that the gorgeous skirt in said picture, has been all OVER fashion feeds for the past month or so. In fact I first fell in love with it on the-to-die-for-instagram-feed of Laura from Buy Now Blog Later.

But this isn’t really a fashion post. I’m not about to tell you how pastels are in or how you should team this skirt with a cute crop top. Because, well, you probably already know that.

Instead what I will tell you is that this skirt is an awful lot like two others I already have, one that doesn’t fit quite right and the other which is a much more formal beautiful piece from zara, and also happens to be the one I wore to my big interview.

So why did I buy this skirt? Other than my long time lust for it?

The fact is, I emotionally invest in clothes. My Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes, will always remind me of my Graduation Ball (and not just because of the blisters), I can’t recycle first date outfits (bad karma) and a new job has to have a new skirt (first day of school).

This skirt is the beginning of my new life, when I put it on I can imagine the types of day’s I will be having, I can feel confident that I am giving the right impression. This skirt is the me I want to be.

Maybe that seems shallow and a little like I have my head in the clouds…

Of course I don’t believe that this skirt itself will really have any effect on my capabilities, or on the outcome of my day, but I’m not afraid to admit that it does have an effect on my confidence and if something makes you feel good why not invest in it?

So I invested in this skirt, and in myself. My not-a-trend-setting-definitely-not-a-fashion-blogger self.

I can’t be the only one to believe in the emotional memory of clothes, right? What is your you item?

Live life & don’t spend too much money in topshop x

Ps. If you do buy this skirt, my advice is to get the size down to what you’d normally wear! (Win!) Link here!

Pps. This is in no way a promise that I won’t wear this skirt before my first day, because that is 2 weeks away (ish) and there is no guarantee the sun will stay that long.


3 thoughts on “definitely not a fashion blogger…

  1. It looks great though!
    I really love how you named it because I also (and many of us, I believe) have some clothes that are “me I want to be”. Perfect way to call it.

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