camera shy…

P1000238There is basically nothing I love photographing more than good tea and cake. This will be obvious to anyone who has ever popped by my little corner of the internet, and while I’m here can I just get it out there… yes I ate both those scones and I didn’t even feel guilty.

But I’m an awkward soul and carrying a camera around with me has only intensified this. It is like being camera shy, but behind the lens rather than in front of it.

P1000237There are so many places I go or shots that I want to take but I just can’t seem to build up the nerve. Like this Sunday for instance when I went to the York Does Vintage Fare and all I managed was a measely few shots of the tea room set up!

P1000232Which believe you and me is a MASSIVE shame because it was such a lovely afternoon, with some gorgeous stalls!  I couldn’t resist some Harlequin Print tea cups and 1960s glass bowls for my new flat – photos of which will be on there way when I move in and have them proudly on display but for now they are staying all packed up!

P1000235Teacups and home wares aside I think my photo-fumbling comes down to three things…

  1. Last year at Malton Food Lovers Market I was snapping away without a care in the world on my little digital camera, and a stall holder came up and told me off like I was a child
  2. I don’t want to be one of those people that is too busy adjusting the zoom or instagramming to really enjoy what is going on around them
  3. I am a novice at this photography business especially now I have upgraded from using my phone all the time to a bigger digital camera and I am worried this shows.

Basically, I’m worried what other people think. Do those old ladies on the table next to me have ‘kids nowadays’ forming at their lips? Have I missed a sign that says ‘no photography’? Is the person next to me wondering ‘why the hell is she photographing that cake and not just getting on and eating it?’

Of course short of wandering around with a sign slung across my front saying ‘It’s for my blog’ (a saying which also doesn’t come all that easy to me) there is no quick and easy way to explain my snapping to anyone who happens to be in the vicinity.

P1000236I guess all I can really do is try to apply the same mantra I live by in the rest of my life to my new love for my camera. No one is really paying attention to your actions and if you do feel you might be intruding on somebody all you can do is ask politely. Do you mind if I take some photos?

I will get as confident behind the camera as I am in front of it! What are your top photography tips, and how do you handle the whole etiquette around the lens? Any advice would be very welcome as I really am a beginner! Live life & photograph it x

ps. in particular if anyone has any advice about taking a good shot of cake which doesn’t just mean putting the camera on the table in front of it that would be great! Because I am getting a bit bored of having a thousand photos all at the same angle!



One thought on “camera shy…

  1. No advice here I’m afraid since I struggle with the same thing 😉 For my personal blog I use only one picture per post. Sometimes I don’t have a picture in my archive that goes well with the post content. So I was thrilled to find sites like Picjumbo and Death to the Stock Photo, where you can download beautiful pics for free. But of course this only works for certain posts, when you’re raving about the bakery on the corner it’s nice to show off some of their cakes instead of a cake plucked from the web 😉

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