reading into things…


In an alternative life, this blog would probably still have the same title it does now (no matter how hard I try I can’t imagine a version of my life that doesn’t involve tea) but the content would be slightly different.

Instead of that little button up there on the menu that says ‘theatre’ there would be one that says ‘interior design.’

Are you following? Basically what I am saying is that if I hadn’t been chosen to play the role of Mary in our nursery school nativity when I was four years old, and I hadn’t been obsessed with theatre my entire life, then I would probably have become obsessed with interior design, and that is what I would be chasing after instead.

wpid-20140517_144049.jpgHonestly, I can spend hours in antique shops and vintage shops and charity shops browsing through vintage furniture and little nik naks. When I was at uni I decorated my room around a theme, and I lived in halls for all three years, so that decoration involved a LOT of painstakingly placed and removed blu tack.

So you can imagine, that now I am about to rent my very first flat, my obsession has kicked into overdrive. Just like at uni, I won’t be able to paint the walls, and the flat I’m hoping to move into (next week, OH MY GOD THAT IS SOON) is furnished so it isn’t like I can buy too much furniture.

But what I can buy? Nik naks, and trinkets and photo frames, and vases, and MORE tea sets…

wpid-20140517_143703.jpgSo obviously, when I stumbled across this gorgeous pop up shop in Manchester last weekend I was touching and turning EVERYTHING. I did, just about manage to restrain myself, but it struck me that while I am going through this transitionary period, that has involved flat hunting and (dreaming about) decorating, it was apt that I was reading Hester Brownes book The Vintage Girl.

As you can probably tell from the cover alone (yes, I judge books by their cover) this is your pretty average piece of chick lit. And I’m not entirely convinced it is even one of the better ones, to be honest it is probably a bit slow going, and the set up doesn’t quite hold as much tension as I would like. Yes her dream man isn’t what she imagined she would fall for, and he is seemingly tied up with some one else, but it just didn’t seem like there was going to be that much of a struggle for their love to conquer. And I like a good struggle, it is probably partly why I end up going out with guys I know aren’t right because I like to think about how romantic it would be to overcome those differences (a whole other blog post).

So why, if it wasn’t that good, did I enjoy this book SO much? Well sometimes a book comes into your life, and it doesn’t change it but it in some way mirrors a part of you and what you are going through. For me with this book, it was the antiques, the obsession with vintage decor and, well I’m just going to admit it… Our heroine, Evie, could well be the alternative version of the me that I have imagined. Tall, clumsy, tragically single and obsessed with trinkets… oh wow that alternative me, isn’t too big of a stretch of the imagination is it?

I will have to be careful not to let my flat get too over crowded with niknaks.

On that basis alone, I would recommend this book, it is light and fluffy in that way we all love, cheap as an ebook, and has a very romantic ball in it. Just don’t blame me if you don’t like it, because like I said, mainly I was distracted by the niknaks.

Live life & read “bad” books x

Ps. Do you have a book on your shelf that you love more because of the time in your life it came to you than because of the book itself?


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