oh! crumbs!

wpid-2014-05-21-22-55-15.jpgI had promised a whole flourish of tea and cake posts before I moved to Blackburn hadn’t I? Well in between, flat viewing, packing, and generally organising my life, there just hasn’t been that much time for exploring tea and cake options. But today I do have a treat for you, today I have a cupcake which involved peanut butter frosting…


I have mentioned Crumb’s Cupcakery in passing before, as it happens to be right next door to the equally lovely Vanilla Cafe. I know I should widen my net and search further afield for even more gems, but the weather was so beautiful yesterday, and really where is there a more perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine than right next to the Minster?


P1000248 P1000254Even if that side of the Minster is covered in scaffolding at the moment! On a side note, you should definitely pop by and take a look at the Stone Masons Workshop they have set up there! The work is amazing… Anyway, back to cake…



wpid-2014-05-21-22-56-12.jpgThis place literally has every cupcake flavour you could need, I honestly could have spent a good hour just deciding between lemon (always a favourite), Raspberry, and Red Velvet, but in the end I went for an All American, gooey delicous chocolate cupcake, with peanut butter, frosting and sprinkled with chopped nuts. I’m salivating right now.

I have to admit, I kind of thought I was over the whole cupcake thing, too many places doing bad imitations (get that starbucks monstrosity away from me, right now), but honestly, this was the best cupcake I’ve had since leaving university (my time at uni, were the golden cupcake years), and I am totally converted back to the frosting club. However, if you are still dubious, they also have other delicous cakes on offer, my lovely friend Asia had a slice of the peanut butter and raspberry loaf, which she said perfectly met her month long craving for “grandma cake.” And even better, they also have Gluten Free Options!


P1000246 P1000245And their tea selection is nearly as big as their cupcake one! We stuck with a pot of breakfast tea, I guess we just craved a good old Yorkshire brew!

I can imagine on a weekend this place is truly heaving, but it is rare to find a spot that really lives up to your expectations as well as Crumbs Cupcakery does! Also how gorgeous is it on the inside? If the sun hadn’t been shining, I would have been equally happy inside trying to work out how I can create my own mason jar light fitting (jars and interior design, almost made me salivate as much as the cupcakes did, is that weird?)! In fact I imagine in the winter this is the perfect spot to savour hot chocolate in! Me and Asia are already making plans for when I come back from Blackburn to visit!

The last thing I MUST mention, is how lovely the girl who served us was (sorry I didn’t catch your name, I am TERRIBLE)! We even invited her to join us in the sunshine, but I’m not sure the other customers would have been too pleased about that, and who am I to deny them their cupcake fix?

You can find out more about Crumbs Cupcakery, here! They also cater for weddings and special events. Does a Friday count as a special event? I hope so!

Live life & drink tea x

ps. totally got over my camera fear and just asked to snap away!








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