morning monday…


Morrrrning everyone! How are you this week?

I had a lovely but tiring weekend involving far too many trains and a pair of white sneakers getting ruined in the rain, but hey I am optimistic that the summer weather hasn’t left for good just yet!

Oh god, look at me, writing a post about the weather! Has it really come to this?

Well, to be honest it is hard to tell. Because there is so much in my head this Monday morning that I don’t really know where to begin. Which is fitting considering there is also so much stuff in my room that needs to be sorted and I also don’t know where to begin with that! And it needs doing pretty pronto as I pick up the keys to my new flat in Blackburn on Thursday!

Maybe the magnitude of it all is finally hitting me. This time next week it will be my first day at my new job. That is real. This whole thing is real, and it is beginning to feel it too.

It is like for the past couple of weeks I’ve been wandering around resigning from waitressing and finding a new flat without really thinking about it. And now it is here and not only do I have to think about it I actually have to do it.

These “morning monday” posts each week have been a great little way of documenting what has been going on and motivating myself, but this week it isn’t so much about that, this week it isn’t so much about looking at how to move forward but about actually being in the moment. I’m actually physically moving.

I may have motion sickness. A combination of being so excited about actually getting there and the car having suddenly speeded up a sharp incline.

This post is full of too many analogies, and comparisons and abstract thoughts, I’d stop to try and sort it all out but I really can’t put off ACTUALLY packing any longer!

Packing my life into boxes & drinking tea, love Stephie x

ps. Just a forewarning over the next 2 weeks my posts are likely to be a little sporadic but I am trying to write as many scheduled posts as possible to go up while I move and sort out internet etc.

Pps. My gorgeous friend Asia messaged me the other day to say you can see how much things have changed over the past few weeks because of how much happier my posts are now. If there was any wonder in my mind as to why I keep this little blog, that answered it!


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