the flat that Stephanie loves…


If you have been reading this blog for a while you might remember that when I was living back in Manchester, I lived in the flat that nobody loved. It wasn’t exactly my flat, in a lot of ways that flat didn’t really belong to anyone, it was a sleeping ground and not much else…

But this isn’t about the flat that nobody loves, this is about the keys I picked up yesterday and the flat I move into today! My first flat all to myself!

If I’m honest it doesn’t really feel real, I’ve got used to living a bit nomadically over the past couple of years. I’m a little giddy with it all with the only downside being all the unpacking and all the formalities of becoming a grown up. Like having to sort out my own broadband and learning not to get too hoity toity about it when the letting agent is a little patronising.

Of course, this also means that in a couple of days I will be starting my brand new job! So I will be going back to only posting here on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  I’ve auto scheduled next weeks posts because I don’t know when I am getting the internet back and you’ll have to forgive me but I think I might just be a little busy!

Back soon with real updates of everything that is going on and photos of my wee Zen pad all set up! Live life & drink tea x


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