morning (miletsone) monday…


Excuse the use of yet another selfie here today (also apparently the only time I ever take selfies is apparently when I am wearing this dress) but I guess today’s post should be about me.

Today I start my new job. We are having a chippy lunch, I’m pretty excited about that. Other than that I’m not sure what else to tell you.

I feel a bit like I am cheating with this post, like it should be some big hurrah. Some massive congratulations to myself. For months this post each week has chronicled how I am feeling, where I am and where I want to be. It feels a bit like they should have all been leading up to this moment, like at the end there should be some massive revelation, like I should have an answer for you but I don’t.

Today is just another Monday, yes it is a milestone, but there are plenty more miles to come, and this week I have got work even harder than before, I’ve got to be even more motivated and even more focused, and next week the same will be true.

Here’s the thing, the journey doesn’t end, if you’re lucky you never reach the top of the mountain, because if you do get there, all there is to do is to come back down, sure you can admire the view for a while, maybe even laze around but there is no room for setting up camp because if you get too comfortable up there, someone else will come along, take your place and you will end up rolling down the way you came.

That sounds a bit more competitive than I believe life to be. But my point is this, I am happiest when I am climbing, I can be content on anyone of my perches as long as I know that there is a route ahead being planned. Maybe that route will change course, some days will be steep climbs, like the past couple of months, and others will be more about your endurance, to just keep going.

But that is it exactly. Just keep going. That is what I hope to do, onwards and upwards as they say!

Live life & climb mountains x

ps. I feel my voice has gotten a little lost lately, like I’m not hitting the right notes with the things that I want to say, hopefully a little break from producing content everyday will help.



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