one for the road…


Here it is my last tea in York post for the foreseeable future! And I have to confess I am cheating slightly because this café isn’t technically in York, and if you want to be real pedantic about things this isn’t just a café. In fact it is my local farm shop. Have I told you about my family home? (So weird that I now have to distinguish between my home and my family home).


I say I come from York and for all intents and purposes I do, but my family home is actually a good 10 miles or so out of York in a wee village called Stamford Bridge. You might have heard of it, the Vikings popped by there once for a good old battle. It is NOT the one where they play football (apologies to anyone reading this outside the Uk I expect that last bit made no sense).

It’s a quiet village, the type where most people know each other, and the most threatening thing happening is the group of youths drinking cider at the bus stop. As a twenty something year old, who lived in Manchester for over a year, when I moved home again I expected to go out of my mind. But I didn’t, I’d been craving the peace and quiet, the lack of drama, the type of life where you can walk out your home and be in a farm shop within 15 minutes. A fact of life made even better if that farm shop has recently undergone a refurbishment to make room for a bigger tea room!


The Balloon Tree used to just be a shed in a field where you could pick your own strawberries, and then it grew to a shop and now it has grown again, now there is even a petting zoo. I have to confess this latest growth spurt has made a world of difference. There was a tea room squished in before but it was like they had run out of room and had put it in as an after thought. Now it is a gorgeous hall all to itself with huge windows that open up onto the garden.



Not that any of that really matters because let’s all just be honest, you came here for the food porn. Ok I will stop reminiscing and just get on with it (pervert)…




Here’s the thing, if you were visiting York for the day I wouldn’t exactly recommending you trek all the way out to Stamford Bridge to visit the Balloon Tree. Yes that roulade was delicious and it is nice to be out in the countryside but if I am honest it is a little pricey for what it is, and I think they could do a lot more with the food particularly the main meals. But that isn’t why I have featured The Balloon Tree on here. I’ve put the Balloon Tree on here because it is part of my home. I don’t visit very often but this is where I grew up picking strawberries with my granddad,it is where I treated myself to a break from exam revision when I was 16 and not worrying half as much as my best friend was. When I go past the Balloon Tree on the bus I know I am nearly home and for that reason alone I will probably always enjoy popping by for a cup of tea, a cream cake and a bundle of asparagus.


Do you have a favourite spot that reminds you of home? Live life & P.Y.O x

PS. P.Y.O stands for pick your own! Just in case!

Pps. If you are wondering why I am posting about York right now instead of letting you know about my new job etc. It is because I have prescheduled these posts to go out as I’m not sure when I will get the internet in my little flat, that and you know, unpacking… Yuck.


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