morning monday, I missed you…


Morning everyone! How are you all? I’ve missed you all terribly! I know I was technically ‘posting’ last week but I auto scheduled them before I moved because I wasn’t sure when I would have the internet again! Technically, (and all other-allys) I still don’t have the internet, why does ringing up the phone line company seem so daunting? But lets not get too distracted to early on…

Gosh, I feel like there is so much to blurt onto this page all at once! I guess I should start with the obvious! How my first week at work was! Well, it was amazing, exciting, terrifying, overwhelming, exhausting, and amazing, did I mention it was amazing? I know I am in the honeymoon period at the moment, and that all those scary and daunting things will at times turn into sleepless nights, stress knots in my stomach and lets face it, probably even tears, but knowing myself, that will be because of how involved and passionate I am expecting to get about this project! For now though I am relishing the honeymoon and getting to see how my days will be shaped. Last week alone, I have had four backstage tours of four incredibly different and beautiful spaces, helped out at a street party, listened to a choir in a church that hadn’t been opened in over 30 years and was lit by a thousand candles in a thousand glass jars, and taken a little jaunt to the seaside to watch an adorable piece of children’s theatre.

Oh and there was fish and chips, and THAT cupcake, from Sweet Treats, which has meringue on top. That is like two desserts in one!

The other thing I’ve been getting used to this week is my own little flat. I was pretty impressed with myself, I managed to completely finish unpacking by Sunday night, which, naturally, included decorating! I promise more pictures are coming, when I work out the best light!  I’m not quite settled living on my own just yet. I think it is because at the moment I am very aware tat I am on my own. So the evenings feel quiet and long at the moment, but I am making sure to throw myself in at the deep end and just say yes to going to as many things as I can to rectify that. Other than the fear of loneliness, I love having my own space, and setting up my own routines without anyone else’s eyes or input. I’m being very concious to eat super healthily, including making my own packed lunches, and this week I want to get my jogging route figured out. I figure a new place with no one I know immediately around, gives me the time to really shape the life I want.

The other thing this week has done, has shaken off the dust I felt was settling on my love of blogging, not only have I not posted but I took the week off from reading too, and now I am back with fresh eyes I think it might be time to really concentrate on writing and reading the type of blog I love and not just those ones that seem to be the most popular.

So there you have a mixed bag of ramblings about my life as usual! But I hope you can tell at the moment I’m just running on this ‘new’ energy, so that is my thought for this week, is just to embrace everything that is thrown at me and to roll with it! Live life & really really LIVE LIFE x

ps. I also posted a wee blog over on the Culturapedia blog about my first day at work if you fancy a read over here.


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