let me paint you a picture…


It’s Saturday morning,  I have a pot of fresh coffee, my blog and an afternoon of theatre ahead of me.


This is what life looks like for me lately.  I’m in bliss and, yes, I’m a little smug. Life lately has involved a couple of big changes but the ones that are really standing out to me are the small ones. Things like the fact that I now class 9am as a lie in, two months ago that would have been an early start. Yup. I’m a morning person.


Then there are those occasions that can now be fairly routine for me. Like having friends round for an afternoon of food and coffee and laughing so hard I don’t feel too guilty about forgetting to keep up with my 30 day ab challenge.


These are the small things that in a few months time, no doubt I will forget to appreciate but feel huge to me right now because these are the things I’ve dreamt about for the past 3 years. I don’t even care if that sounds gooey or sentimental because it’s true. I’m nesting, I’m growing up and I’m happy.



I don’t want to gloss over the bad things, I have a fair few moments of feeling lonely and out of my depth. A new job and living alone in a town I don’t know, a place I don’t even know the best place for cake, is tough.  The flat beneath me has a leak and before I can get on with the rest of my day I have to deal with a some what patronising land lord. And I still haven’t worked out what to do about getting the Internet.  But this is REAL life, sure I didn’t spend any time dreaming about these mundane nuisances but when I find myself stressing out about these things or having a good old moan, I catch myself and chuckle. These things are my everyday. Two months ago these things couldn’t have felt further away from where I was.



So I take a deep breath, put the kettle on and just get on with it. Besides, I’ve heard the best place for cake is actually just around the corner.

What small things make up your everyday? Live life & drink tea x

Ps. I hope this post makes sense, it’s alot harder to edit yourself when posting from a phone!


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