morning monday, again already?!?


Right now, I’m running the risk of running late.  I have a huge bowl of porridge and a horrible feeling that today, I’m going to be a real scatter brain.

These pesky Monday’s just keep coming around so fast.

It isn’t the day itself that’s a problem, I’m lucky enough not to hate Monday’s, but it does mean that another week has gone by.

There is a danger that when you get settled into a new routine, a new job, a new life that time seems to speed up and the weeks pass you by without you noticing. Of course the alternative is, you can embrace every single moment while still trying to settle in to all the newness and then Monday comes around and you’re exhausted, falling asleep in your porridge and feeling sure you have forgotten something.

It’s a difficult balance to strike.  I think that is going to be task this week to try and find the sweet spot between living life and being rested enough to appreciate it.

I still believe you should embrace every moment I’m just not sure you can truly do it if you wake up a scatter brain! How do you strike a balance?

Live life & sleep well x

Ps. Just found my list of things I have to take with me today, thank you Sunday evening me for organising Monday morning me!


2 thoughts on “morning monday, again already?!?

    • I’m glad you agree! I spent an hour exploring the park opposite my new flat last night with nothing but my music and my camera! Even though I was just tempted to fall asleep on the sofa! Hope you enjoy your week! X

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