super saturday’s…


Looks like my posting habits have changed a little lately! So I’m posting on a Saturday instead of a Friday again, oh well what’s a day between friends?

Today I’m finally getting to go and explore Blackburn a little bit! I’ve been so busy lately that while I am really getting to grips with my work and my flat and new routines, I think I have probably spent less than 1 hour actually in Blackburn!

I did manage to pop into the amazing Coffee Exchange yesterday. There is a serious lack of chain coffee shops around here, not a single starbucks! And that is because of the Exchange. I can only describe it as being like the type of cofee shop you would imagine in a Harry Potter book. Jars full of beans fcovering the walls and they roast their own blends in this amazing coffee oven… I won’t go into it too much detail because this place deserves a post all of its own.

The gorgeous Jessica is visiting too. Having friends over and cooking up a feast is definitely my new favourite thing. Who knows, I might even share some more recipes in the future!

I also discovered the gorgeous park across the road from me earlier this week. Juat me and my camera. I really haven’t properly spent time practicing snapping and playing with all the different settings so it was good to be able to spend some time dedicated to that. Maybe a few of those pictures might even make it onto here when I get round to setting up the internet!

That’s what life looks like lately, how is your weekend looking? Hope it’s a good’un!

Live life & find good coffee x

Ps. I know these posts are a bit samey recently, trying not to overload myself but want to keep this space alive, so forgive me for any boring updates! I promise to dedicate some real time to this soon!


2 thoughts on “super saturday’s…

  1. I love this post, mainly because I am nosy and like to know what you have been up to hehe. My favorite thing about a new place is discovering where I can get a decent cup of coffee from…it’s the small things in life that keep me happy!

    • It so is! For me coffee and cake is such an escape, so even though, I’m still in the same town, and I’m only ten minutes away from my flat, when I’m in a good cafe it s like a holiday in the middle of my day! x

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