morning monday…


I baked that.

And it was delicious. I thought carrot cake would be difficult to make, but it wasn’t, in fact it was much easier than the Giant Jaffer Cake I originally wanted to make. That is probably because I was making up the Jaffer Cake as I was going along (and it ended in disaster) where as I actually looked up a recipe to use for the carrot cake, and then adapted it. This recipe if you were wondering and then I added sultanas, and orange into the frosting!

But I don’t want to talk about cake this morning (after gorging yesterday I can barely bring myself to look at that picture without feeling a bit sick). Today I want to talk about those moments when you look at your life and think…

“It’s like I lifted this straight from a blog.”

Now I don’t think I’m the only person in the world who reads other peoples blogs and sort of aspires to be a bit like them. Always well dressed, always ahead of the crowds finding the best places with the best people and always taking beautifully crafted photos. Maybe it isn’t one of those things you should admit out loud and even when I am thinking like this, I know that a lot of the time blogs are only showing the heavily instagrammed filtered versions of peoples lives but still… Blogs come from real people, and in many ways it is comforting to know that real people have the type of life you’d like. It’s better than chasing after an impssible movie-like existence after all.

I’m going off topic here. The point (I think) was this…

This weekend I looked at my life and it felt a little bit perfect.

Jess visiting, picking up a vintage dress in a charity shop, and baking that cake for my family yesterday. It was like I had designed my perfect-bloggable-weekend and got to live it.

Maybe it says a lot about me that life being a bit perfect is measured in terms of how it would measure up against other peoples blogs, but I think what it boils down to is  that I have always been pretty flipping honest on here. Yup, I put a very positive, optimistic slant on everything but I hope that you guys know when I am finding things a bit tough just as much as you know when, actually, things are pretty damn perfect. Which, right now, they are.

Yet another smug post, but in a true out of honest hopefulness, if I can get to the point where I am happy every moment of the weekend, then anyone can! Live life & hec, even blog about it x

ps. As tempting as it was to spend every minute ‘capturing’ this weekend, I think it is important to strike the balance between living a bloggable life and blogging about a life that you are ACTUALLY living.



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