being honest with myself…



Last week I posted about my habit of weighing myself a lot, and how since I’ve moved I haven’t invested in a set of bathroom scales. I still haven’t, but I did just try a pair of trousers on that fit fine a few weeks ago and are now more than a little tight so I guess it is time to really look at my other habits recently.

When I first moved I was ON IT. I only bought healthy food, I didn’t miss the cake, I was up early and I started everyday with a cup of hot water, a stretch and a bowl of porridge. This continued through to the second week, but other naughties started slipping in, and then last week I probably ate worse than I have ever done before.

I don’t really know why, maybe it was simply because the “bad” food was there, left over from friends visiting, maybe it was because I’m a girl and, well, life dictates that sometimes you just need the naughties. But the thing I have found about myself is that I am easily defeated into thinking ‘well that’s it now.’ Like one biscuit is enough to send the scales flying in the wrong direction so I might as well finish the whole pack.

The same happens when I don’t fit in a run for a while.

So this week is all about switching that mentality, much like once I start going bad, once I start going good I find it easy. It is just that initial switch over from one to the other that I find a bit of a push. I have to go full throttle, if my heart isn’t really in it, I will find myself eating cake for dinner (and lunch (and breakfast)).

Sometimes, reading the right thing gives me the motivation, other times it is a zip that won’t quite go up. How do you motivate yourself to really get healthy?

Live life & maybe go for more raspberries instead of Reese’s pieces with your frozen yogurt? x

PS. I know I have categorised food as good and bad in this post but I do worry sometimes that the language we use to define food creates an unhealthy relationship towards it. Like, because I think of one biscuit as being “bad” I am then “bad” and therefore so is my body. I don’t know it is a slippy, semantic, slope to go down. What do you think?


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