beginning to settle in…


The last couple of weeks have been manic bliss, but the one thing I have really been craving is the chance to get to grips with my new home town.

I have hit the ground running at work and I absolutely adore my little flat, but I still barely know my way from here to the train station! And that is only a ten minute walk!

Blackburn isn’t the biggest of cities and it certainly isn’t a tourist destination, in fact after living in York it comes as a bit of a shock to the system. There is a great big shopping mall in the middle of town packed to the brim with your primarks and your debenhams, but other than that? On the surface, it doesn’t look like there is too much going on.


But that isn’t entirely true. Luckily because of my job (I know, stop harping on about it already) I know that beneath the surface their is a growing arts scene bubbling away. But I don’t want to spend every minute of every day being arty.

Sometimes I like a good old shop and other times I like a good old cake, and most of the time they aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s these things that are really going to make me feel settled in Blackburn, so you can imagine how relieved I was last Saturday to finally spend some time wandering around.

There are some hidden gems in Blackburn, like this amazing looking vintage shop that sadly only opens 3 days during the week and only between certain hours, all of which I am being a grown up during. And the charity shops here are exactly what charity shops should be, not hiking up their prices just because something is retro. And then there is Liz n Like, where me and Jess stopped for our cake fix…


This place finally made me feel like Blackburn might just be home. Amazing cake, big leather chairs, and mismatching cups and saucers. All the things that make me relax, take out my notebook and spend the afternoon scribbling my life away. Or if you have great company like I did, natter away till there’s a you shaped dent in the luxury sofa you’ve resided in.

I know it’s a bit daft that a good cafĂ© is important to me, but some people would need a fancy hairdressers and others would look for a wild nightclub. It is these extra bits that make up our lifestyle, and while we don’t need them to survive, in one way or another they do help us to thrive.

Hello Blackburn, my name is Stephie, nice to meet you.

Live life & drink tea/get your hair done/let loose x

PS. In the past I have posted about tea and cake on a Friday but that was when my days off for exploring were mid week! Now it seems a bit daft to wait till Friday to tell you what I got up to last weekend so maybe these posts will start appearing mid week instead!


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