simple things…


Sometimes it is nice to go through a bit of a life detox isn’t it? My life is super busy at the moment but so many elements of it are stripped back. There is no drama, my days have some form of routine to them and there is no white noise from unnecessary distractions. No TV, I don’t have the Internet on demand and when I have company over it is with the people that really matter to me. So in the spirit of life detoxing and embracing that Friday feeling, and, to be honest being a little strapped for cash here is a list of the simple things in life that I’m really appreciating right now…

1. A good book and a stack of magazines – I have just finished ‘The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweeden” and I was so charmed by it!

2. The radio – I live alone so dancing around unashamedly and having some chitter chatter in the background make my mornings

3. My coffee machine on a Saturday – and a Sunday and sometimes a Monday morning

4. Strawberries dipped in chocolate – simple but so decadent feeling!

5. Fresh but cheap flowers – I don’t need a beautiful bouquet just some bright yellow carnations!

6. A room with a view – I can’t seem to capture it in photograph but the view from my flat is definitely one of my favourite things about it!

What would you add to the list?

Live life…simply x


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