morning monday… where I am and where I want to be…


Today I have been in my new life for a month. I’ve been paid and I have paid rent. The newness is waring off and I’m settling in, so I thought it was about time to do a little evaluation about where I am and where I want to be, so today is another listy post, apologies, usual rambling service will resume on Wednesday.

Where I want to be…

1. I want to be happy and healthy.
2. I want to be creating, writing and performing.
3. I want to be blogging regularly
4. I want to be organised, responsible and grown up
5. I want to be learning, exploring and making new friends.

Where I am…

1. I am definitely happy but my health has slipped, this week it is back to the green smoothies and running in the park.

2. While a lot of my job is very creative I don’t want it to take away from my own theatre work,in an ideal world the two will compliment one another. Luckily I have a bit of time to concentrate on my commission and prepare for Camden Fringe this month

3. Yes! I am definitely blogging regularly! And I even purchased my own domain!  I am still super in love with this little spot on the internet of mine!

4. I guess becoming an organised and responsible grown up is a bit of trial and error. All this living alone business is very new to me, so I can only really do my best and learn about these things as I go along!

5. I’m definitely learning and exploring through work,and independently. I am keeping up practising my photography and I am traveling out and about in and around Blackburn. Admittedly I am not doing so well on making friends, not because I am a horrible person just because there aren’t all that many people my age about! I’m on the hunt though (which I realise is a SUPER weird way to describe trying to make friends – maybe that is where I am going wrong!)

All in all I am pleased with how things are here, June was manic busy,and I think it is only understandable that I concentrated my efforts all in one place. I don’t want to be some one who constantly sets themselves impossible goals, and ends up miserable when they fail, I just think it is important to make sure I am focused and motivated. I live a super busy life, but that is in many ways because I am aware I have the potential to be super lazy if I let myself. And I don’t like lazy me!

Where do you want to be? Live life & keep going x

PS. Are you impressed I didn’t mention once how crazy fast time is going,high five for almost avoiding that cliché all together

Pps. Apologies for high fiving


4 thoughts on “morning monday… where I am and where I want to be…

  1. I am impressed you didn’t use that cliché indeed. I used it in my today’s post, couldn’t stop myself! ;D
    Anyway, good luck with achieving the things you want. I guess the 4th goal is quite difficult and takes time!

    • On the phone yesterday my dad said, he might give eing a grown up ‘a try one day.’ I think the minute you convince yourself you’re a grown up is the exact moment you are your most immature.

      I should have put that in the post! x

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