date night… just me and my notebook…


Date night posts are meant to be full of flirty outfits and trendy couples that make you hate them/yourself/how tragically single you are.

Well don’t worry folks, I wouldn’t do that to you. No, no, I can guarantee that the following date night post might just be the most tragic thing you’ve heard all week…

My date night consisted of a canal walk, a cornflake tart (who knew that was a thing…a good thing?!?) and somebody by my side that I know will never leave me. Wait, no, not somebody, something.

It was my notebook.


Even I’m not tragic enough to start referring to notebooks as real people. At least not tragic enough yet.

But date nights are an opportunity to reconnect and to keep the passion alive, and that is exactly what I needed to do with my notebook.

Since moving to Blackburn I’ve used my notebook for nothing more than a few measly to-do lists. There has been no romance, no creativity, no quality time.

I felt that needed to change, I’m very aware that while I love my job and that although in many ways it fulfills my creative needs I don’t want it to distract from my writing and theatre making. So, last Saturday, after seeing the utterly charming Dancehall of Dreams at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival,I embraced all the creative inspiration I felt rushing through me and went for a walk by the canal.


After getting inspired by something my head can be literally bursting with ideas but void of any organisation. I need some time to sort through the ideas, to form an orderly que, walking always does that for me, it is also how I best learn lines.

So I took my time, enjoyed the country side and canal views and then wandered into town to treat my notebook and me to a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

I turned off my tablet, I ignored Facebook and twitter, I took out a pen and I wrote.


Scribbles about new bits to add to Love Letters and scribbles about where to start with my new show (something I’d been particularly stuck on). Scribbles about how I think the last month has gone and scribbles about where I want the next month to go. And when I still had ink and tea left I even scribbled down a bit of creative writing, just because the idea was there.

It felt really good to just get some indulgent time to myself. I’ve spent a lot of time alone in the flat over the past couple of weeks but it has been tired time, switched off time, not the sort of time I can really produce anything. After it I feel relaxed but not necessarily revived.


And I think it is really important to distinguish between time where you are by yourself and time you dedicate to yourself. For me dedicating time to myself means a chance to scribble and create, with tea and cake.


It isn’t rock and roll and it isn’t wild and romantic, it’s just me and my notebook, and sometimes I can’t think of any better way to spend a Saturday evening!

Actually, I take my earlier statement back, there is absolutely nothing tragic about this post (apart from the slightly blurred line between having a notebook and having a boyfriend).

How do you spend time on yourself?
Live life & date yourself (ooer) x

PS. My date night venue was the Love Cafe in Hebden Bridge hidden away inside a record shop! A great sound track, some gorgeous decor and a cracking cup of tea (and coffee actually, I couldn’t resist getting a cup to takeaway for the train journey home)! I should also probably point out that my date night was more of a date early evening, as Love Cafe shuts at 6. But Date-early-evening just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?


2 thoughts on “date night… just me and my notebook…

  1. I’m also very partial to some alone time with my notebook in tow…what can I say? I’m secretly a bit of an introvert! Haha, great post and beautifully written as always:)

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