blogging advice I continually ignore…

wpid-img_20140610_054116.jpgI don’t know about you but I go through obsessive phases of “being a blogger” as opposed to being some one who has a blog.

What I mean by that, is that when I am “being a blogger” I set myself targets, read everything I can about blogging, spend hours tweaking the design of my little zen space, and nearly everything I do has to be captured on camera, just in case I need another image of a cup of tea. Where as when I am some one who has a blog, I live the rest of my life as I would normally, and blog about my day to day happenings and thoughts, without any real structure, plan or target to hit.

This space probably thrives best when I am somewhere in between the two, when I am enjoying my life but post about it here with at least some thought behind it. It is a bit like the difference between some one who is a runner and some one who jogs.

When I go through my obsessive phases and I read post after post of advice, I make notes and tell myself that from now on that is how I will blog. Some times some of that stuff sticks for a week, other bits sort of feed in to my already existing routine, and other bits I point blank forget about. So this is a list of blogging advice I continually ignore…

1. Use titles with key words in for optimal SEO – erm, yawn? Where is the intrigue? And are puns googleable?

2. Plan an editorial calendar – sorry, but I already plan the rest of my life out, do I now have to plan my reactions to it to?

3. Spread the word on social media – I am rubbish at promoting my blog on social media! Bloglovin’ and wordpress are both set up to automatically tweet and post every time something new goes up, but other than that, I very rarely push it!

4. Stick to your set topics – I am rubbish at this. This space started off as a blog about theatre, which is probably the thing I post about least, and other than talking about myself or tea there is very little regularity here! Sorry!

5. Always ask your readers a question – Ok some times I do this, but most of the time, I type out a question at the end of the post and think I may as well have put “please comment on this post, pretty please.” I hate reading blogs that are so geared at recieving any kind of response from a reader, that the writer doesn’t really sound like they really care about whatever topic they’ve just bothered to post about!

So there you have it, according to the books and the pro’s I’m a pretty rubbish blogger! But I’m not sure it matters, because if anyone was to ask me my number one piece of blogging advice it would be that your blog should be there for you, and if it makes you happy with or with out the booming stats and high ranking SEO then, who really cares?

Live life & blog however the jeff you want to x

Ps. this is the exact type of post that should end with what is the piece of blogging advice you ignore/live by?


4 thoughts on “blogging advice I continually ignore…

  1. Number 4! Occasionally I’ll think to myself “I should really have some direction. JUST do reviews, or JUST do fitness” or whatever. But would I really get any joy out of writing if I limited myself to just one topic? Probably not. Write about things that make you happy, do it well. That way the readers that you get are much more likely going to be the kind of readers you want!

    • My thoughts exactly! And what happens when my topics cross over? MY posts tend to have as many tags as they do words! But I think a genuine post with genuine feeling behind it is so much better to read than one that has been done because your editorial calendar has told you that’s what you have to do! Having said that, I am in danger of writing a new set of ules, and I don’t think it is about that either! I think it is just important to work out what works for you and roll with it! Phew, long reply! xx

  2. Very accurate distinction between being a blogger and someone who has a blog. I’m the latter for sure. Also, I guess I ignore all the same “rules” but since I don’t consider myself a professional blogger, I don’t really care. 🙂 I think it’s ok to have a blog just for your own enjoyment.

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